Monday, June 8, 2009

Not again

Today I am mentally and physically beat. I am very nervous about Wednesday. Please don't tell me not to be. It's much easier said then done. Sally is terrified to drive in Chicago. She has in the past but knows her limits and driving to Chicago is one of them. So we decided to take public transportation to UIC for a practice run. Sally looked up on line for information how to get there. I called UIC and was given the same directions except was told to get out at a different stop since the one that was listed is closed. We were told what bus to get on and that it would take us right there. Well that wasn't the case. First we couldn't find the bus. I called CTA and was told I would have to take 2 buses. So we did. We finally got there and went to take the buses back to the train station. We have so much to do before Wednesday so Sally and I wanted to get home as fast as we could. The bus we got on didn't announce the streets. I think we missed the stop but not sure. Sally suggested to get off the bus and take a cab to the bus station. She worked in Chicago for a couple of years right after High School. We were on the street she use to work on so we decided to walk. It was about a 20 block walk to the train station. Needless to say Sally has no clue how she is going to get there now. The Amtrack is one option but the schedule is very limited plus it will cost her about $30 a day to see me which is $10 more then her taking the South Shore and the buses. I am going to call Grey hound tomorrow and see if there are any stops close to the hospital.

So what we planed on at the most to be a 3 hour trip took us over 5 hours. We got the little ones from my sister's house (we almost took the kids with, glad we didn't) and went out to eat. I ate my last supper which was spaghetti. I will not be able to eat tomorrow. Starting at 1PM tomorrow I have to take a series of medication and have this powder stuff I mix with water to drink to clean me out. I wish I was able to take the pills instead like I did for the colonoscopy. After dinner we had to run to Walmart to pick up some prescription. Kaity was beyond tired and cried most of the time. I had to run to Walgreens tonight to pick up some more medication.

I haven't even had the surgery yet and the little ones are feeling the effects already. Kaity has been more clingy then usual especially with Sally. She usually takes naps and goes to bed without any trouble. Thursday we had trouble getting her to bed and it's been like that ever since. We were gone for a long time on Thursday and wonder if that has something to do with it. Tonight Sally had to sit in the back seat of the car because she was crying for her. After we got the kids to bed tonight, Zachary came out of his room crying to Sally. He said that he doesn't want to spend the night any where and wants to be with Sally. Sally explained to him his Aunt Sandy who will be keeping him for a couple of nights was planning on taking him to the park and beach. He felt a little better but still was very sad. He told Sally "she is the best mom ever.".

Another thing which is making it difficult is not knowing the surgery time. It's hard to plan transportation and getting the kids to my sister in law without knowing a time. I won't know until tomorrow between 1-4. If I have to be there early in the morning before public transportation is running Sally and I might have to spent the night tomorrow night. Tonight Sally will be washing clothes and search for a way to get to the UIC. She has to pack for the kids still. Not knowing how long the kids will be at her sisters will make it harder for her to pack. It's not like she can run over and bring them more clothes or diapers. Here sister lives in Valpo which is about a 45 minute drive. Also, I won't have a hospital room until after the surgery. So everything I bring that day including what I wear in she will have to carry it around with her. I wish she wasn't afraid to drive it would have been much easier on her. While she is doing her thing tonight, I am getting the living room ready so I can clean the carpet tomorrow. Kaity has a doctor's appointment in the morning so I figured that would be a good time to do it when she isn't home.

That's it for tonight. I need to get busy so I won't be up all night. God Bless.Sorry for the boring blog but, not really into it today.

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  1. i don't think any of us would give you a hard time about being nervous or scared...ANY type of surgery naturally causes those feelings.

    we will ALL be praying and holding positive thoughts for you so you just do your best in there ok? it's all in HIS hands and we just need to have faith in HIS plan for you! :)

    you are not alone, tho it may feel that way sometimes...

    ok sooooooooooooo do your very BEST tomorrow and we look forward to hearing all about it just as soon as possible..k?

    endless blessings and healing prayers on their way..can u feel them?