Saturday, June 20, 2009

Zach's swimming adventure.

First off I want to say that I never said that wanted Jacqueline to be pregnant. It was just from a crazy dream I had. I was just trying to make some sense of it.I am not a dream analyzer by any stretch of the word.I really do hope Jacqueline does continue with her schooling. She has plenty of time to start a family.Some people(Sally) needs to interpret my writing better.

The family and I went to the mall today. The kids wanted to get me something very special for Father's Day(my favorite Holiday). I haven't strayed to far from the house since the last surgery. So I wanted to see how I could handle it. Sally was going to go with the kids by herself. I asked if I could go to see have I would be. She said I could go but had to stay at Borders since we were doing the shopping for me.It worked out good because ,just walking around the store I would get a tightening sensation in my upper chest. I would sit down for a little while and it would go away in a few minutes.That was the best place for me to be. I like to read and the chairs there to sit in are a dime a dozen.When Sally and the kids were ready to leave she came and got me. When we were leaving to go to the car Kaity started to get very upset and was crying.We kept asking what was wrong.She was inconsolable and wouldn't stop crying. Finally Sally figured it out, she forgot to take her to Build-a Bear.We started back in and she calmed down.We don't always get her stuff from there but, she likes to run wild in there. When Kaity finally allowed us to leave ,Zach and I waited for Sally and Michael to pull the car around to pick us up(she didn't want me to walk anymore than I need to).As we were walking out of the Mall and into JC Pennys I saw a child probably no more than 7 years old with a mask on and all his hair gone. I really felt for the child and he will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Zachary today got to go to Michael's girlfriend's house to go swimming with Michael and Michael's girlfriends family.( Carlee Michael's girl friend is traveling in Europe). He said he had a lot of fun and hopes to go back again.Carlee's Mom said they will teach Zach to swim.Zach when he was a baby he loved the water.I could throw him in the air and have him land in the water and he would come up laughing. The last few years he seemed to be afraid of the water and wouldn't let me go. My brother Mike has a pool we would swim in at family get together and he wouldn't let go of me. At the water park he was fine. As long as the water couldn't exceed his head . He told me before he went to Carlee's that he didn't want to drown. I told him there was allot of adults there and he would be OK. When we picked him up he said he had allot of fun.I am glad that he is in to swimming again.

The dream I had last night was all scrambled up and made no sense what so ever.A engineer guy that I knew when I worked at the Dairy plant that closed down. was cleaning up a platform. He asked me if I would sweep up the platform of sharp objects. When I was done I went outside to clean up the extension cords that were all covered in snow.Than some people that I knew from junior high came to help.This is basically it and don't know what the heck I was dreaming. Why did all the people that I haven't seen in quite some time were in this dream and not people that I associate with now. Well anyway you tell me. Dan, I really don't think it has anything to do with Barack Obama or any other political figure for that matter or Lowells girls soccer.So if you were going to tell me this I am ahead of you already.

I want to wish all the Father's out there a very Happy ,enjoyable and Safe Fathers Day.Be careful and don't pull any muscles or break a hip or something. Since I can't do a whole lot myself, I will sit around and have the kids rub my feet and scratch my back or something.They are planning on making me dinner.

The Cubs had another thrilling come from behind game again. Kerry Wood blew another save opportunity. That is bitter sweet,because I like Kerry and wish him the best as long as he isn't playing the Cubs. The Cubs scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 13Th to win 6-5. The winning run coming on a Kerry Wood wild pitch.
Tomorrow it's going to be Wells (Cubs) against Sowers(Indians). Wells is a good pitcher with no run support. He is 0-3 with a 2.55 era.Sowers is 1-4 with a 5.14 era. The Cubs seem to do bad against pitchers they should beat. Lets hope the pattern stops.
Sox won to Cincy 10-8. They are now 5.5 games out. The Cubs are now 2.0 out cause Milwaukee lost again.No prayers needed for the Sox they are playing fine.

Thanks for visiting and lots of love comes your way from me to you. God Bless you all.

I want to say something very quickly. My poll about seeing my stitches is only to show everyone my war wounds and what may happen if they get cancer and have to have surgery. It's no way intended to be a morbid curiosity thing. I am just trying to be as informative to everyone as I can. That is why I will only do it if enough of you want to see it.I know some of you may not want to see it and I really don't want to offend anyone.


  1. heh sorry if the pregnancy thing caused any trouble. I knew you didn't mean it :p

    anyway, Happy Father's Day! By the length of this post, it seems you are doing much better, even if you are in some pain still. I hope you get to enjoy this day!

  2. happy fathers day bill!
    enjoy yourself!
    blessings for always
    deb :)

  3. For all the readers out there...I saw Bill's stitches the day he came home from the hospital and it's not bad at all. It was probably the best I have ever seen! Things like that usually gross me out, but his looked really good-as far as that kind of stuff goes.

    To Bill...happy father's day! It's about time you relaxed and let everyone scratch your back and rub your feet! Didn't Zachary like to rub feet when he was little? There's a web site that can help you interpret dreams. You have to look up a word (like snow) and find out what it symbolizes. Just thought I'd let you know!