Friday, June 19, 2009

It's been the same thing today as it's been. I don't feel as tired as before but still sore especially during the evening when the muscles start to relax. The nurse today told me that I can take over the counter Motrin if I want.(I want). This should help me with my tiredness.This is also the reason I can't drive now cause of the drowsiness the meds. cause. The meds. can also impair my judgement when I am driving.

I have been remembering some of my dreams the last few days.If I don't write anything down, I will start to forget everything.I know that I had a few different ones last night, I just don't remember what happened.I do remember one dream were I was eating garlic bread with peanut Butter on it.No, I don't think I am pregnant. ( at least that is what the test revealed) Or maybe someone from the family who just recently got married .Ummm, who could that be.I know that the dreams I had were on the strange side. I wished that I would have remembered something about them to be able to share more. Maybe tonight I will have some writing material with me to write something down.

Michael and his friend went to ride their bikes on the trail earlier this evening. It reminded me of another story about him to share. Last summer he was in pre season conditioning for Cross Country. One early morning(That in itself is a story, Michael is not an early riser) he went out for a run with his team on the path. While he was running he went past a couple with a dog on the leash. Michael startled the dog and the dog bit him on the butt. Michael told them the dog bit him but continued running because he didn't want to loose his running mates. Silly Michael didn't realize the importance of asking the owners for their information and if the dog's shots were current. So needless to say Michael had to go to the urgent care to get his butt checked out. The doctor figured since the dog was on a leash and not a stray chances are that it didn't have rabies. Michael just had to take antibiotics for 10 days to prevent an infection. Leave it to Michael to have his rump bitten.We found out later the dog will be fine after biting Michael. There was fear that the poor dog might have to be put down but, Against all adds the dog prevailed and is doing fine now.

My moms surgery went really well. We won't know how well until some time next week. She is staying overnight,just for precautionary reasons.Thanks for all the prayers she received.

The Cubs won another come from behind game. After being down 7-0 at one point,They scored all but 2 runs in the last 3 innings.Giving them a 8-7 win over Cleveland.
The Sox are losing 3-2 in the bottom of the 7th. Still plenty of baseball to play for Cincy to pad the lead.

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  1. just because we're married now doesn't mean we're about to start making babies. I AM NOT PREGNANT! Need to finish school first. sheesh. Nicole doesnt get it either

  2. ummmm H-E-L-L-O!!!!!!!! how is your mom?

  3. i think it's just a shame that you are giving up your pain meds. now you won't have any good dreams to tell us! :)

  4. Jaqueline I admire your determination to finish school. Don't listen to Bill. Honestly, it's easier being a mom when you are older then it is when you are younger.

    From what I heard, Bill's mom is doing fine. She is coming home from the hospital today. We have to wait until next week for the pathology report before we can have a peace of mine.

    I think Bill's dreams will continue as long as he sleeps 12 plus hours at a time. He isn't giving up on his pain meds, he doesn't want to take the high dosages any more. I found his medication from the last surgery which isn't as strong and he is taking it. He seems to be doing fine with it.


  5. I voted no to stitch-pic.

    Pray for the Iranian protesters...they are being shot and killed in the street!

    Also, pray for the White Sox...they need it too.