Thursday, May 28, 2009

Warning please read last Paragraph!

OK, The survey on whether or not Sally gets the Colonoscopy is over. Now here is my take on it. I believe that if a family with kids is involved the choice would be obviously yes, for the kids. If she was single or it was just her and I than I can see it being just her choice if there was no major issue that the Doctor could see. I think when you have kids its a whole new decision process. As a parent you should ALWAYS do what is best for the kids.(Unlike Helen from biggest loser who had her Daughter leave instead of her.That was selfish in my opinion. You always want whats best for the kids. Losing weight is definitely a health issue) There really is no wrong or right, just what you believe is the best choice for the family. Sally was told that the Doctor believed that it was stress related but, is there anyway to tell for sure without the proper testing being done , especially after what I am going through. So those of you that said that its Sally's choice is wrong. Its my blog and I am always right.

I got the call from the nurse of the Doctor that will be doing my surgery. The date will be June 10th I don't have a exact time yet but will tell you as soon as I find out. I have to go back to UIC for another appointment.Today I saw the Doctor about the nodule on the thyroid. He ordered blood work. I go back July 2nd and they will perform a biopsy at the office. I also saw the Onocologist today. I was told I will have to have 12 more chemo sessions instead of 6. Since, I am young they are trying to treat my cancer as aggressive as they can. He said that he sent 6 other patients to UIC for liver surgery. I asked him if they were still walking around. He just smiled a little and didn't answer my question. I thought great I will be thinking about this until after the surgery. He said the chemo is working and it might get rid of the cancer and then again it might not. Because of my age, they felt it's best to do the surgery and then they will know for sure the cancer is gone. There is the possibility it is growing in new locations and that is the reason for the 12 chemo sessions. So this is were we stand now,and I will keep the info going as I hear it.

I am going to tell something I did that embarrassed me. I picked up Zachary from school the other day. I will sit in my car until the kids start coming out. When he gets to the fence separating the playground from the parking lot, I will call him over. So I am sitting in my car waiting for Zach and out comes this little boy. I didn't take Zach to school this day so I didn't know what he wore. So this boy who was chunky just like my little boy comes running out of the school. This kid who came running out was fast, I thought that Zach got faster. He will inherit the speedy title if he keeps this up. I was already thinking to myself Speedy Zach. The warm feeling I was having inside. As this child came closer I was waving my hands wildly. I was going nuts trying to get his attention. Finally I see this boy slowing down and looking at me. I was able to see his face better it wasn't Zach. By the look on this child's face it said" What the heck is your problem mister", MMMMMMOOOOOMMMY . Then I know I had to turn into Speedy Bill to get out of there before the police got there. Thank goodness Zach was on his way out. I told him to hurry up we have to go. Now when I pick up Zach I have to wear a disguise now.

I want to give all the adults out there a warning. Zach would always say NA NA DA POO POO when he would be playing with his friends. I would always tell him to quit saying that. I would still hear him say it on occasion. Now in other public places I am hearing other kids say it that don't even know Zach. So what I am going to tell you might shock you , I think Its a secrete code. I think it may mean that they are going to kick you in the shin. I think this because , I saw one of them say the code phrase and then kicked what I believe was his brother in the shin. So next time you are going to be around some kids in lets say kindergarten through 2nd grade may want to have shin guards on. So remember this saying NA NA DA POO POO. Thanks for visting the blog and God Bless you all


  1. i'm just glad to have gotten this inside info cuz those kids can be quite intimidating (did i spell that right?)

  2. Bill,
    I just put in to get the day off on June 10th, so I'll be up there when you have the surgery.

    Regarding the support group. Would you consider calling them again? There could have been a couple of things that happened as to why they didn't return your call. If you called on your cell phone, it could have broken up and they weren't able to get your number, they could have copied it down wrong, or they may not have been able to understand it on the voice mail. It may be worth giving them another chance. The support, encouragement, strength, insight, and information you can glean from them may be invaluable. It may be just want you need to be around people that have faced the same emotions that your experiencing, and have been through the surgeries, chemo, radiation, etc. Please think about it.

    I'll see you on June 10th.


  3. Bill,
    Couldn't the surgeon do an aspiration biopsy of your thyroid while your in surgery for your liver? It would be one less thing you have to do later.