Saturday, May 30, 2009

Those stubborn stains and Happy Birthday Bekka

Today, Zach had his soccer game. I went by myself cause Kaity was a little crabby and we wanted to make sure she got a nap in before we went to Bekka who is my niece and God daughter's birthday party this afternoon. Zach's soccer team is doing really well this season. Today they won 3-2 even though we aren't suppose to keep score but, we all do anyway.

The birthday party was a smash hit. There was a bouncy with
a ball pit and slide that Kaity didn't want to get out of. There was also 2- 4 wheelers for our riding pleasure. I got on one time with Michael. It was a lot of fun . The only thing was my fragile butt hurt when I got off.Michael needs driving lessons from Noah( my 8 year old nephew/God son),because he drove through rose bushes and put a leak in one of the tires and when he was driving me I got smacked in the face with a branch. Bekka was happy with all the toys she received. All the different things she got, I was a little jealous. Not because I wanted girl toys but because of the technology that went in to make these toys. When I was little my toys I got were made out of wood or iron.(no batteries needed)

I have to give it to my sister in law, Sandy, for the Uri Gellar of family mind control. When the food was being placed on the table getting ready for our consumption, she bribed Noah to make her a plate of pasta before we were all able to dig in. Sandy knew we were waiting on the hot dogs and hamburgers before we ate. She had
her little nephew sneak her the food because she didn't want to get in trouble, instead risking Noah. No wonder why I am Noah's God parent and not her, I would never jeopardize Noah for myself. Unless there is chocolate cake involved then maybe I would consider. Than later, Sandy was telling her daughter Nicole to get out of a rocking chair , when there was perfectly good other chairs that she could have sat in. Nicole would not vacate the chair so what did she do? I will tell you what she did. She had the nerve to ask me the man who is dying of cancer to give up his rocker for her. I was stunned but I am use to being the gentlemen so I got up and sat on the hard concrete with my fragile aching butt while she rocked comfortable. You should have seen the glares she was getting. She even had the nerve to ask Nicole if she felt guilty when it was her who took my chair away.

With this incident it lead into a conversation with my newest nephew Joseph. He will be only married in to the family a week from tomorrow. My brother in law Tom and I have tried to warn him previously but like us he will have to find out the hard way. I saw today he is finding out quickly. Those Cummins girls I will tell you look gentle and harmless. Their looks are very deceiving. They are quiet and meek but once they wheel you in it's an entire different scenario. Sort of like going to sleep with Bella the Beauty and waking up with the Beast. They have a way about them. For example they ask you a question but you really can't give them the answer you want, you have to give them the answer they want. They have a way twist
ing things around making their ideas into your ideas. Let me tell you they are never wrong (unless you are Mrs. Wong) even Mrs. Wong is never wong she may be mistaken but never never wong. Did I mention stubborn? That's an understatement. Those stubborn stains are nothing compared to them ( Sorry, Jacqueline I couldn't help myself. This is it for a wong time. Sorry again couldn't help myself again).

I must redeem myself before the Cummins's gals attack me and vicious they can be.
Those women know how to cook. They can win a man's heart through his stomach. They can have a good time and don't mind if they embarrass themselves. Goofy was named after them. Sandy and my wife had a conversation today on how they both refuse to grow up. Life is to short not have fun. All 5 of them will go out of their ways to help other. I hope I redeemed myself. Remember Cummins's you have to be kind to the sick man.

Yesterday's blog I failed to mentioned my dinner menu. I have been married for almost 11 years. Sally usually cooks a meal every night and feels guilty
when she feeds us grilled cheese sandwiches or simple things like that. Lately she hasn't been feeling good and I suggested we just fend for ourselves last night. Then she and I came up with a dinner idea. It's a dinner we never had as a family. I have had it many times as a bachelor but never for a main course with my family. The dinner consisted of a banana split for Zachary, a strawberry shortcake for Sally, Kaity had a scoop of cherry flavored frozen yogurt and I had the delight of consuming a chocolate monkey. The kids didn't complain. I was happy to since there was no dishes to wash. I think that was one of my best meals I have ever had.

Tomorrow, is Michael graduation ceremony. We will be having a party for him probally at the end of July. Hopefully, before I return back to work. It's late and I am beat. Take care and God Bless.


  1. Hey now, I'm only half Cummins! I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing :p I do have the cooking half at least, or so my husband(!) tells me.

    And somehow, I have a feeling that there will be more wong jokes from you, and it won't be a "wong" time from now. But, I will give it to you that you keep using different jokes, unlike my mom (the infamous Sandy, for you readers), who keeps using the same Sum Ting Wong joke over and over!

  2. Jacqueline, You were raised, brought into this world and taught the ways of life by a Cummins and that is 9 tenths of the blood line.Sorry,but that doesn't necessarily a bad thing though. Just a warning to future suitors of the Cummins blood line and what may be in store for them.