Friday, May 1, 2009

Brush with greatness?

Michael and our neighbor today at prom.

Today I stayed in bed until about 10am cause I wanted to be well rested before I and my buddies head out to the Cubs game. I felt really good today. I just had a little tightness in my legs every time I got up from sitting. It would go away after a few minutes.

Now to the game,it started out like it was going to be a blow out against the Cubs. After 4 innings it was Florida 5 and the Cubs 1. Rich Hardin definitely didn't have his stuff. He was taken out after 3.2 innings. After the 5th inning the Marlins took there starter out (Graham Taylor). The Cubs couldn't do anything with him. So I really don't know why he left the game. When the Marlins went to there bull pen that's when the Cubs started to hit. Ryan Theriot got a Grand Slam in the 6Th inning to put the cubs up by 1 run. They scored 3 more runs later to take the game 8-6. Throughout the game there were numerous opportunities to get foul balls that were hit near us. My friend Dan had a great chance to get one if only it wasn't hit in the upper level 30 ft to the left of us and about 10 rows back. Dan said we could have got that one. Yes, if it wasn't in the upper level 30 ft to the left or 10 rows back. If it wasn't for all that it would have plopped right into our hands. Better luck next time I guess.

At the Game Denise Richard was there( Charlie Sheen's ex-Dancing with the stars cast off) for Cancer research donations. I am some what of a autograph hound, so I figured what the heck. I would give her a donation and get an autograph. I started to make my way over to her and cutting through the 10 or 12 people that were all around her. I took a look at her and then hers eyes met mine. She got up from her chair and I thought that she was going to give me a big hug for coming over to support her cause. As I was getting ready for the embrace she made a quick left and slid away from me. I was like what the heck, and away she went looking back at me and smiling. No,wonder why Charlie Sheen divorced you and you were booted off dancing with the stars. Then when we went to our seats, there was Wayne Messmer. He is the announcer for the Chicago Black Hawks and the Bulls. He was next to us talking to another guy in the next section over. When he was done we called him over and he talked with us a little. He gave Tom's son Cody an autograph. I didn't need one I got one when I went to the Cubs Convention a few years ago. He is a very personable person.

Now I am going to let you know of a time when my son Michael almost got to meet Sammy Sosa or at least he thought. It was around 2001 a few years after the Mark and Sammy's HR show season. It was after a game the Cubs had with the Astros that the Cubs won handily. After the game I like to go to the parking lot were the Cubs players park. We saw a lot of players leave like Kerry Wood, Kyle Farnsworth he has a nice Hummer, Todd Hundley, and Joe Girardi to name a few. They were signing a little but, we didn't get anybody until Jon Lieber came out and signed for everyone waiting. He was a very nice guy to do all that. I also got a player named Courtney Duncan before the game on the field. After the Lieber signing we went back to our area to wait for hopefully more. All of a sudden there was a yell there is Sosa there is Sosa. There was a Black Taxi driver coming down the street from the side of the parking lot. I told Michael that Sammy Sosa was driving the taxi and that he should have a good chance of getting his autograph.I told him that he probably didn't want to be noticed so that is why he is driver the taxi. Being the trusting boy of what his father says he run up to the taxi cab and put his autograph material in this guys face. He looks at the group of us with a look of whats going on and we all said sign for the kid Sammy. So the taxi driver took the paper and scribbled on the paper. I should ask Michael if he still has the paper it could be worth thousands now. He came back to a chuckling crowd. I told him not to be sad you will do this to your kids one day. Now he is doing it to his brother Zachary. We did wait a few more minutes and out came the real Sammy Sosa not the taxi one. He got into his yellow Camaro and zipped out of the parking lot. I was surprise he didn't hit anybody, and that was that then we left. I told Michael that maybe some day that taxi driver may be famous and you have his autograph.

So that was my day a very great day indeed. Thanks for visiting my blog and hope you like the little stories I tell. God Bless you all and have a great week end.

Sally and I are planning to go to the all night first Friday vigil at Carmelite Monastery around 12 am. if we are able to. They have this every first Friday of every month.

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  1. thanks for getting the CUBS back on track as i am certain that it was your presence there that got them going again!!!! 2 in a row! go cubs go! deb:)