Saturday, May 16, 2009

Must give me cake

Today I woke up around 9 and I feel pretty good. Just a little tired but, otherwise feeling better. Sally and I have some things we are doing this afternoon and evening. The removal of my pump, Zachary's soccer game and later we have received tickets from my mom and Dad to see a play at the performing arts center. I started this post at 11am and Zach's soccer game is at 12pm I have a few things I want to do around the house then the pump removal is at 5:30pm. The play is for 8pm, So there is a lot I want and need to get done so that is why I am starting this early. Kaity does seem to feel better today but we aren't going to let her go out. Michael and I are going to take Zach to his game without Kaity and Sally. This will give her more time to fully feel better. Last night she slept really good, she needed that.

Yesterday, I was playing with Kaity and she kept saying what I thought was bear. I thought she wanted one of her build-a-bears that she had made. So I was trying to give her these bears but, she wanted no part of them. I could tell she was getting frustrated. I asked her what, what do you want. She then without hesitation stuck her finger in her diaper pulled out a surprise for me. Then she stuck her finger near my nose. That is when I realized it wasn't bear she wanted it was butt. So like the good Dad that I am, I changed her poopy diaper.

The second part of my weight gain. I am a chocoholic and cake addict. Combine the 2 and there is trouble. When Sally and I first married she was working at Dominicks. There was a midnight position that opened and she took it. Michael was able to sleep at his grandma's when we were both working. We thought it would be best with my crazy work hours there wasn't a set shift she could work without having a sitter. Michael was with sitters since he was 1 and it was difficult to find care that met her standards. Right before she took the midnight position there was an incident which I might save for another blog. Of course it will again be on Michael's expense. Which lead to our decision to raise our kids on one income. , so far have not had a job that required a set shift so Sally could work around my hours. Anyways, enough with my ramblings and back to the chocolate and cake. Sally would often had something made for me to eat when I got home from work. One night she made a chocolate cake with home make chocolate frosting before she left for work. I came home to my surprise to find a chocolate cake waiting for me. I was like "Hell Yeah!". So I took the pan of cake and sat in the living room watching TV. Enjoying the peace and quiet of an empty house and cake, what more can I ask for. One slice turned out to be another and another. What can I say I was a hungry and growing man( just in the wrong direction). So yeah, I ate more than I should have but I did save some for Michael and Sally so I didn't see the problem. The next day when I woke up, Sally wasn't to happy with me. She started in with me about the cake. Saying she was pressed for time and still managed to find time to bake me a cake. She told me I was rude and selfish. I didn't see the problem, I left them cake. Ok, so I ate the center of the cake and left the burned edges for them. They still had cake to eat if they wanted to. Sally didn't make any more cake for me after that when she was on midnights.

Here is another cake story. When I worked at the dairy my brother in law, Tom (Sally's sister Stacies's husband) worked there with me too. We were on the same crew. One night while we were working hard they had taken their mom out for her birthday. Not only they took her out to one of my most favorite places for spaghetti but they went back to their mom's house for cake. So I was on the phone with Sally and joking around I told her to bring me a piece of cake to work. Sure I really wanted cake but there was no way I would let her drive to my work. I worked in the West part of Chicago( The stuffest part-Usually the highlight of the 10'oclock news). I saw things that I would be glad to never have to talk about it. Somethings left this big manly man shaking his head . About an hour after I hung up the phone with her I heard a paige from security for me. Sally and Stacie were at the security gate. Stacie drove her green little pick up truck with Sally to give us cake. This was probably the first time in my life I wasn't happy to see cake. I was really upset with them. The two goofs thought it was funny. In fact they informed me and Tom that while they were driving in the West side they decided to move their upper torsals around in a circular fashion so this way it would be harder for them to be hit by a bullet. Knowing that did not put my mind at ease. After they left I did eat the piece of cake but it didn't taste as good for some reason.

I will have more tomorrow take care and God Bless.

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  1. So instead of the Cookie Monster, you are the Cake Monster?