Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grand day

Today Zach had his soccerama for his soccer league. This is when his team goes through all these different soccer drills. His team goes through all these drills and they keep score of all the players and from all the other teams in his league. They tally up the total for the each player and then add it together for the team. His team didn't win but, his coach said that he did a great job. Did a better job then some of the players that were expected to do better. That was a lot of fun watching that.

Zach and I went to a grand opening of a store called Add with Water. They sell boats and skis and other water related items hence the name. Zach heard this commercial on the radio and asked if we could go. I said that we can cause I like to go to things like this. There is always giveaways and freebies. If it's free I'll take it. You can give me a rock and I'll be happy. We got a free hot dog and chips with pop. We also got a bunch of floatable keys chains and a real nice flash light that is water proof and Zachary got some candy. I have no intention of buying a boat I just wanted the free stuff.

When Zach and I were going home he was talking about his Star Wars toys. Than for no apparent reason he asked me if Mississippi is real.I said what do you mean. Is Miss Issippi is a real person. After I got the car out of the ditch , I said that Mississippi was a river ,a state and a street but, believe there is no person named Miss issippi. I thought that was cute and wanted to share.

I am going to end this now cause I will be going to Michael's girl friends house. I was told that she ripped her bumper off her car along with the sensor to her garage. So I will be going there to look at the damage. god Bless you all and have a safe and very happy Mothers Day.


  1. hehehe ooooh that Zachary. I just don't see how people can't like kids. Moments like those are simply classic and make up for all of the tantrums!

  2. I hope you let Zach know that Miss Ouri is currently surving as the Secretary of State for North Korea.

    Good News: Sox Win and Cubs are losing!

    Oh Beautiful Day!