Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prayers for Sally

Sally last night went to the ER and I slept through it, She didn't wake me up. She is having issues to were she is bleeding, cramping and feels like she needs to go to the bathroom. The Doctor at the ER told her she needs to get a Colonoscopy. I am obviously concerned for her. The good thing is, this is early and not something that has been going on for a while like with me. I really don't know everything that happened at the Hospital. I will ask her if there is something that needs to be added to this post . She is laying down now and said she is still cramping. So please say some prayers for Sally. I will be Ok, but she really needs the prayers them now. Thank You


  1. geeze do you have to blog about everything? I have to be careful what I do or say because it maybe blogged :)

  2. oops I didn't sign in under my name.

  3. You still didn't put your name. Sally made the last two comments.As usual picking up the pieces.

  4. oh my gosh! i do enjoy you two so very much! you make me smile! :) :) thanks!
    sally...did you drive yourself there? um HELLO! you have plenty of friends and family who would gladly have taken you!!!!!!
    you're in my prayers...basically for when you have to go get the colonoscopy! :) do NOT, i repeat do NOT bring bill with you becasue i'm afraid he might even try to get a copy of the video and or picture they give you so he can post it right here! :)
    well, maybe it's diverticulitis or ummmmm STRESS related? ya think?
    i'll be happy to take you when you go..just ask!
    luv ya all...deb:)

  5. Thanks darling what would I ever do without you.

    Deb, Thanks for your concern. I didn't go by myself. Even though I am a mom myself, I still rely on my mom. I called my mommy at 4AM and she told me to get dressed and that she will be leaving soon to get me. Why would you think I am under stress :) The doctor mentioned Crones disease and irritable bowel syndrome. Not sure if either one would cause bleeding. I just hopes the bleeding stops before the wedding.
    If Bill gets a copy of the video or picture he know's there will be war. So I think he knows better.

  6. Oops I forgot again . Silly me

  7. oh sally...what on earth would we do without our mom? let's count our blessings! just so you know...i'm always available too..

    ahhhhhhhhh yes! stress! well i usually don't pray for any thing SPECIFIC i pretty much ask God to do what He feels is best in a particular situation but i will tell you that THIS time i intend to be specific...crohns is NOT an option and i am simply going to have to express this to God ever so nicely! :)
    have you scheduled your "test"?

    now as for bill...i hope he is doing well after todays visit and i have increased my prayers for him too. again..God's will be done but as long as we have faith and stay positive i believe good things will come.
    luv ya, all of ya!