Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Special Day

I am starting this blog early so that I won't be writing this all night. Yesterday, Sally and I without the kids had to go to the Mall cause Sally needed to get a dress for the Wedding of our Niece Jacqueline this weekend.We went to most of the clothing stores throughout the mall. One of the times Sally was trying on a dress she asked me how she looked in it. I said you looked fine except you may want to wear your girdle. You have a little of your stomach showing. Sally's reply"I am wearing a girdle"( There was a moment of silence) Than out came" ooops" "No, I didn't say girdle I said my parents are going to Myrtle Beach next year silly"." I don't know why but, she put the outfit back. I thought she looked almost perfect in it. She did finally find what she was looking for and all wasn't lost.

This morning I took Michael to the Career again and after that I went to Stracks( The official grocery store of Bill's Blog) to get some English Muffins that I wanted for breakfast. As it took me a while to find them ,cause they are not located on the bread aisle.(?) They are located on display cases in different areas of the store. Well anyway after I aged a year and got what I was there to get, there was this lady in the store yelling at everyone. I thought maybe she was looking for English Muffins too and was waiting for me to find them for her. Maybe she couldn't take it any longer and just let her frustration out. I looked at her and said " What did I do"?Thinking she would say it took you long enough to find the English Muffins you jerk, No, she didn't.She started saying things that I couldn't begin to understand. So I left before the Pea Soup started shooting out of her mouth. That is when I knew that today is going to be a very special day.

Sally and I took Kaity to her fitting for the Flower Girls dress. I won't go into detail about that, except I won't ever recommend them for anything. My Sister in Laws sandy and Staci earlier were there dealing with there knuckle headiness. Just to summarize a little bit with what Sally and I dealt with. The dresses are falling apart already. The pink flowers that go around the mid area of the dress is coming undone on my God child and Niece Holly's dress, plus there is some black stuff on the flowers. On both dresses the sewing itself is coming undone. We think they put these dresses together in haste cause they forgot to send the order in promptly. The deposit was made in December and the order for the dresses was made in the first week of January. Why did it take four days before the wedding for them to come in? Sandy, Jacqueline's mother her dress still didn't come in yet. I won't mention the name but, if your going North on Franklin Street in Michigan City its on the right side of the street. ( the block between 108Th and 107Th streets I believe). While we were there Sally said she didn't feel good.She was having stomach pains. She ended up fainting, not to the point were she hurt her self. She did go down slowly cause she was up against the wall and a display model was there to help her down slowly. She went to the bathroom and stayed in there until she felt better. Zach wouldn't leave his mothers side. I am very proud of that little boy for the concern he showed for his mother. I was busy chasing KaityKaity around so she could get her toga outfit fitted. She was complaining in the car ride there that she didn't feel good. she still doesn't feel good and Kaity is whinny too. I hope she feels better tomorrow or I will go to the doctor by myself.y Special Day

Its really getting late and I need to attend to my sick wife. Please remember to pray for me tomorrow. My appointment is at 2:30 but I have to be there at 2:00 for the Liver Doctor. I don't want the surgery. Please please pray for me. God Bless you all.

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  1. ask and you shall receive!! but then again, you KNOW that we are all praying for you and whatever the results are, you have plenty of support in your corner.
    sounds like just another crazy day for you guys yesterday huh? how's sally feeling today? do you think it might be. oh i don't know, stress maybe!
    ok well we will all be waiting patiently to hear from you after your appt. today!
    not to worry...we've got you covered in prayers!
    blessings deb:)