Friday, May 8, 2009


Sally was chasing Kaitlyn around the house trying to get her picture.We don't live in a very big house but, Kaity was still able to out maneuver Sally.

We got Kaitlyn's 2 year old pictures done today. She did a very good job of smiling. In the past , we always had a hard time with her getting her pictures. She wouldn't cooperate or she would be in a foul mood and cry. The pictures were done very quickly because she done so well. It was just hard choosing which ones we wanted. When she doesn't do as well it's easier picking them out cause there are only a few good ones to choose from. This time they were all good. After we got our pictures we went back to my mother in laws and finished cutting her grass. We got Zachary from his Grandma cause it was grandparents day at his school. We then went to Michigan City to get them some sandals and some other things they needed. When we were going to Michigan City we got stuck in some major traffic. Both sides of the 94 were at a stand still. We knew that there must have been an accident. We weren't moving at all for about15-20 mins. The west bound side there was no cars going by at all so I knew what happened must have been bad. Finally we started to move and I noticed all the lights and there was a helicopter from some Illinois hospitals sitting on the expressway. As we got closer we saw what looked like about 3-4 people laying on the road,but I didn't notice any cars that looked like they were wrecked. Zachary asked Sally if we "could say a prayer for the people".Sally said absolutely so we said a few prayers for them. Then Zachary started to cry and we asked him what was wrong. He said he was thinking about if his mommy or his daddy would die. It almost made me cry. Zach doesn't express his feelings that often. We told him if he ever had to talk about anything that he could talk to his mom and dad, and we would listen to what he had to say.

I have a story about my mother in law. This little dandy happened the day before I got married to my wife Sally. It was June 12TH 1998 Friday. It was somewhat of a hectic day. My mother in laws( Mary) car was being worked on. So I let her use my car for what she needed it for. I am not sure were she was at but, she couldn't figure out how to get out of my car. Like I said I don't know were she was but she was being held hostage by my 1994 Pontiac Grand Am. She was sitting in the car not knowing what to do. Then finally a total stranger came walking by the car and she got there attention. She asked the stranger if they could help her to be freed by my criminally insane car. She rolled down the window and gave the keys to the person who then unlocked the car from the outside,freed at last. Mary is a wonderful person and would do anything for anyone. Every time I think about this story it it brings a smile to my face. I have a few stories about my mom to that I will tell one day. My mom and my mother in law Mary have done allot together in the past. They were like Thelma and Louise back in the day.

Thank you to everyone for all the prayers and support.

Update on the I-94 traffic jam. There was an 11 year old runaway that jumped from his legal guardian Grandmothers car. He was not hit by any cars but, was air lifted to Chicago hospital. The Grandmother noticed what he was doing and did slow the car down to about 45mph at the time he leaped. I guess the Grandmother picked him up in Michigan City and was taking him home. So I don't know what I was looking at I know I saw about 3 people laying on the ground.


  1. Man, I was waiting forever for you to get this blog done. Hey, someone read my TWITTER comments tonight and signed up to "follow me"...their name? BREWERS.



  2. your timing is perfect i think, with the mom in law story and i am sure that your mom would luv it if you wrote a fun story about her too, i mean it IS mothers day weekend right? :)
    i have to admit i smiled when you wrote that she was held hostage by your car...i could just picture it! your stories are highly entertaining...keep 'em coming!
    cya...blessings always, deb:)