Sunday, May 17, 2009

Last night Sally and I went to Apple Bee's and we saw a play called "Crazy For You". It was an enjoyable evening for the most part. I had a hard time eating my dinner. I had the chemo pump taken out a couple of hours before we left. Nothing appeals to me and I am extremely sensitive to taste and texture right now. The play was a musical/comedy. I think Sally and I were the youngest in the audience there. It was almost 3 hours long but it was entertaining. Thanks mom for letting me and Sally have a good night out.

Today I slept in until 11. We will be going to night mass this evening instead. I took Zachary and Kaity to the park. Kaity did not want to get off the swings. I stood there for over an hour pushing her on the swings. I finally convinced her to go down the slide. She didn't want to go home but after an hour and a half at the park I was beat.

Friday night I was on the phone and Sally was on the computer. Zachary and Kaitlyn were playing. Zachary comes in the kitchen and grabs a pair of scissors. I wasn't paying attention but Sally was. She asked him what he was doing and then we heard Kaitlyn crying as she was walking towards the kitchen. Some how, I am sure with Zachary's help, Zachary's remote control toy wheel was wrapped around Kaitlyn's hair. Zachary was going to cut Kaitlyn's hair. If he would have I am sure there would have been hell to pay with Sally. First of all it was a huge chunk of hair and secondly all Kaitlyn is going to be a flower girl next Sunday and Sally wanted to keep her hair long for that. Sally and I tried to get her hair out but it was in there tight and she was getting upset. We finally got it to where there was only a few strands left. I wanted to cut but Sally insisted we do not cut her hair. So I had to find my set of screw drivers and take a part the toy. We finally got her hair out.

This isn't the first time a toy has gotten stuck in my child's hair and I had to come to the rescue. When Zachary was little he loved Thomas the train and friends. He collected all the battery powered trains. One day while I was busy at work, Sally called me and told me there is an emergency and that I needed to come home. Luckily, I work only 15 minutes away. So I sped all the way home. I open the house door and there is Sally on the couch with Zachary on her lap. She was laughing and he was crying. Then I looked again and one of his trains some how got tangled up in his hair. This time it was right up to the scalp so there was no way the hair could be cut. Me being the hero that I am, was able to loosen it enough so I was able to cut his hair and free him of Percy.

Also, this isn't the first time Zachary took hair cutting in his own hands. When he was 4, Sally was laying in bed napping. She woke up to Zachary cutting off a chunk of her hair. Surprisingly, Sally thought it was funny and didn't go after him with the frying pan. She gets mad at me when I touch her hair because she says I am messing it up.

Tonight Michael had to go to an award ceremony. I stayed home with the 2 little ones. Plus I am really tired and Sally will be going with him. Michael received an award for donating 6 pints of blood. They said he saved 18 lives from his donation. He will have to wear a red rope during his graduation. Please keep Michael in your prayers. Tomorrow, at 11 am he has an important meeting. As respect to Michael I will not go into details (no he has not in trouble with the law). I will say that if the meeting doesn't go his way he will be very upset and disappointed.

Both the Cubs and Sox lost today. Well I am unbelievable tired today. I even took a nap and I have no energy. Sally has helped me with some of this post because I am to tired to type. Good night and God bless.


  1.'s NO WONDER you're tired today! any NORMAL human being would be! not only physically exhausted from the exciting evening out with your beautiful wife but all that fresh air at the park, all that emotional exhaustion from trying to convince kaity it was time to go (i remember those days well) friday nights toy/hair event and then, and this is definately the TOPPER..the cub loss today was absolutely EXHAUSTING! oh yeah...and then theres the fact that you are going through chemo that might add to all of this exhaustion too! don't be so tough on yourself, take a day to rest once in's OK!!!!
    if i remember correctly i believe you have a LIST of things that you intend to accomplish in the next week or so right?
    ummmmmmmm...even God rested on the seventh day! hope you sleep well tonight and i think maybe you and sally should put all scissors in your home under lock and key!
    michael will be in my prayers tomorrow..

  2. oh yeah...forgot to say who i was...:) and thanks for letting me be your friend on facebook too:)
    blessings always, deb:)

  3. This is going to be a very trying week. With my niece's wedding this weekend and the doctors appointment I have on Thursday and Kaity's dress fitting for her flower girls dress on Wednesday. I have to get some yard work done Tomorrow(Monday). Continue to make memories with my kids this week as much as I can.Just to name a few things.I know I have to take it easy, it's hard for me sit and watch my wife do everything.I will sit and rest if I need to.I know that rest is important for my healing. Thank you for your thoughts very appreciated.