Sunday, May 3, 2009

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Bill is exhausted so I told him I would write the blog today. We have been on the go all day. We went to mass this morning. After mass we took the kids to Buckley Homestead Park. They had WWII reenactment. It was really nice. Bill, Michael and Zachary went last year. I was surprised about the amount of detail that was involved. There was a battle and the kids enjoyed watching that. There was a lot of walking. Kaitlyn did not want to go into the stroller. Hope her little legs don't hurt her tonight.

On the way home we stopped and visited Bill's friend Dan and his family. His wife, Tina, made delicious peanut butter cookies. Kaitlyn gave all of them a kiss when we left. Usually, she is very selective with her kisses.

Even though Bill is really tired, this has been the best weekend he has had so far after his chemo treatment, praise God. I just hope he didn't over do it and is able to get some rest tomorrow. With him being tired, it's nice for me in a way. I don't have to share the computer with him tonight. He use to tease me all the time about the amount of time I would spend on line. Now with him blogging, twittering and using face book he spends much more time on line than I do. Some days I go through computer withdrawal. He says that I created a monster getting him hooked on everything.


  1. I just joined Twitter tonight, but I have no idea what I'm doing. I did not sign up on my cell phone because I already get too many texts.

    Glad ya'll stopped by today. The kids are so cute! It is also GREAT to see Bill doing so well.

  2. luv the pictures! prayers and positive thoughts are always on the way to your household from mine..:) blessings of good health and peace, deb:)

  3. I sure hope that by me attending I Cubs game with Bill I have not accidentally lifted the BILLY GOAT curse!

    I would be like a reverse BARTMAN!!!!