Friday, May 15, 2009

As her head starts to spin

I'm an going to start the blog with some stats of our Chicago Baseball teams so those of you not baseball fans please bear with me,
Cubs are 20-14 tied for 2nd 0.5 games out
Sox are 15-18 4th and 2.0 games out
Cubs -Soriano tied for 3rd in the Nat. league with 11 Homeruns
Sox- Quentin tied for 5th in the Am. league with 8 Homeruns
Cubs are 7th in both leagues with 57 Homeruns This is a surprising stat to me. I thought the Soxcatagory. I felt the Sox had more power than the Cubs.
Sox are 19th in both leagues with 33 Homeruns
Cubs have a team batting ave. of 2.55 22nd
Sox have a team batting ave. of 2.51 26th Both teams need help here to be competitive.
Cubs have 161 RBI'S 15th
Sox have 132 RBI'S 26TH
Cubs ERA IS 4.48 15TH
Sox ERA is 4.66 19th Again both teams need to bring this down.
Cubs in strikeouts have 285 1st in the league
Sox in strikeouts have 223 21st in the league
My report card for the teams for what I really think they deserve: Cubs C+ There hitting really needs to improve along with there bullpen. They are ranked 4th in the power polls,I Don't feel they are living up to that as of yet. They have had a lot of injuries as of late. Lee, Zambrano and Ramirez.
The Sox I think they deserve a D+ They were not really expected to do much according to the sports writers. There isn't any pressure on them because of this. I do think they have the talent to do better ,but lets hope not. There power poll ranking is 20th

Today is a very rainy day so I really don't feel like myself. I went to the Dermatologist today and she agreed with my oncologist that they are stress related acne. She gave me two scribts and some samples of some sunscreen. This is the exact sunscreen that my sister Dawn gave me a while back. Along with the SBS-40 skin cream she also gave me. I will have to find out where to get that, I am almost out. My face peels a lot so I first put on the skin cream and wait a few minutes then put on the sunscreen. The skin cream is really good stuff.
Kaity woke up last night throwing up. I really felt bad cause she was throwing up a lot. We got her to go back to bed but, later she woke up again and she wanted Sally this time. That was just fine with me. Sally got her back in bed and she slept until 10am. I really didn't feel that great either. I was feeling crappy earlier in the evening. I was very tired and had a upset stomach myself. I do feel better now just still tired.I think that I am going to be taking it easy today. I think my body needs it. Next week it is suppose to be warm and I have a lot to do. I need to get the foundation leak that we have taken care of and also the kitchen ceiling needs to be Spackled and painted all this needs to be done A.S.A.P. I am actually looking forward to this.

This story I am going to tell and the one tomorrow will explain a little (a lot) why I have a weight problem. When I was about 8 or so I lived next to a girl named Vanessa B. and next to her was her best friend Mathew V. Vanessa had this kitchen set with a real bake oven. With this real bake oven she had real cake mix. One time when Mathew and I were there and Vanessa left the room we cracked open one of the mixes and went to town. She came back and didn't seem to care, so we all dug in. One box became two then 3 then 4 and so on. We just couldn't let her mom know what we were doing. We told Vanessa to ask her mom for some other flavors because all she had was yellow. Like the good mom she is she didn't disappoint. I few days after this incident Mathew and I had a cake mix smorgasbord. We took what we could fit down our shirts and pockets and headed outside behind her garage as not to be detected by other cake mix stealing Kids from the neighborhood. Mathew and I got in a argument with the last box of the powdery goodness. I had it and I wasn't going to give it up. When I was done I did let him have the few granules that were left. That made him happy and he wasn't mad at me anymore. Vanessa never really eat the cake mix like we did. That is probably why she is thin.

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  1. My report card:

    White Sox manager: Can barely speak English even though he's been here for many years, and he took the World Series Trophy to Venezuela before showing it to America (on tour).
    GRADE - F

    Cubs manager: Makes a lot of bad decisions because I think he forgets he's the coach of a real baseball team...that said, he is the first coach since lead the Cubs consecutive post-season berths.
    GRADE – C-

    Cubs uniforms: Probably the most childish looking uniforms ever invented. Only by switching the teddy-bear logo with a picture of Barney or Elmo could they look anymore juvenile.
    GRADE – F

    White Sox uniforms: Quite possibly the greatest uniforms in any sport; even I would look good in a White Sox uniform!
    GRADE – A

    Cubs parking: Talk about a disaster. Fans have to drive around looking for their parking colored zone, only to have hundreds of fake parking lot attendants try to get you to park in the wrong area.
    GRADE - D

    White Sox parking: Talk about dedication to their fans. The White Sox owners cared enough to actually build their fans a parking lot.
    GRADE – A

    Cubs Roster: They actually have a player named Milton Bradley. C’mon, I mean really. Isn’t it bad enough they have a player named Kosuke Fukudome? Perhaps next season they could draft a Parker Brothers or a Huang Kisatente? I know, these guys are supposed to be great ballers’ …that’s why Mr. “One Hit” Board Game was the talk of the town for weeks as he struggled to get his second hit.
    GRADE – C

    Sox Roster: Strangely named players with underperforming outcomes has never been the goal for the White Sox owners. They are perfectly happy to draft common named folks to let the team down.
    GRADE – B

    I would continue…but I have to run an errand.


  2. The only grade you gave the made any sense was with the managers. I graded on performance. I agree that the parking isn't the best, and there uniforms are stupid looking but at least they don't look like they came straight out of prison. I am worried about there performance not the intangibles. Hendrey is trying to get good players.It's not is fault if they don't perform.The sox have had some really goofy names too.I didn't realize a name had anything to do with playing baseball. If that is the only thing you could say to pick on the cubs is about whats going on on the outside oh well.

  3. I do believe I mentioned Milton's poor batting.


    The whole team aura is important to the quality of the team...that's what I grade on. I would think such things would be vitally important to a team fan who hasn't seen a World Series winning set of players.


  4. A little past it's time, but still very funny...

  5. Very funny on the Daily show video...but exactly how that plays into the Cubs, Sox, or battling cancer, I'm not certain????

  6. boys! boys! boys! enough already! i have the solution...ready?
    it's bill's blog so he's RIGHT! :)
    go cubs go! go cubs go!
    even our song is better! :) :) :)
    blessings always, deb:)

  7. YES,It is my blog and no matter what anybody says(Dan) I am always right on!!!!!

  8. Cubs have had the greatest history( outside of the yankees) in any sport even if it didn't produce the best results.The sox have the 1919 thrown world series that will tarnish any accomplishment they have had past or present. So the history of the cubs produces more aura then the sox will ever know.The cubs are always in the top 5 in all of sports in gross merchandise sold. Sox don't came close.

  9. Okay, I turned the Daily Show off before the pie chart was now I get the connection.

    Notes to self: "Finsish watching entire videos before commenting and Bill is always right because it's his blog!"

    And Deb...I really like the all of the Debkards and all of the website. You just need a picture of you so that people connect with the self-employed person behind the magic.

  10. And I see we have a new poster: Latte Lady! Nice to have you!

  11. Hey Latte Lady and I agree that the Cubs rule.

    Hey I was reading all the posts and it would appear that the obvious has been missed. By both sides.

    What about a spelling grade? I ask this question, and I know the answer already but for the sake of the south side fans I'll pretend I don't, how do you spell SOCKS (sox)?