Monday, May 25, 2009

More about the Wedding.

I woke up today at 11am. I was really exhausted from the Wedding . I first woke up and wanted to clean up the house but after a while I got tired and wanted to lounge around and do nothing. So for the most part a very uneventful day. Pretty much the whole day all I wanted to do was sleep but I didn't. I just sat on the couch and stared at everyone.

If the cubs don't start hitting the ball I really don't think I will over come the cancer thing. Now they are at 500, 21-21 , 4.5 games out in 4Th place in a 6 team division and 3-7 last ten games and I believe only scored 7 runs in the last 7 games. The sox aren't doing any better.(Dan,Dave) They are at 442,19-24, 6 games out, 4-6 in there last ten games, and also in 4Th place in a 5 team division.

I want everyone to know that I put out a new survey that has to do with my wife Sally. After the survey ends I will respond to the results. So hold on to your hats.

Sally said that I need to mention more about the food at the wedding and not just the cupCAKES. So here I go, the food was really good you had a choice of Salmon or Breaded Chicken fillet with the perfect compliment of vegetables and mashed potatoes for the chicken and rice and vegetables for the salmon. Oh, those cupCakes were awesome. The CAKE part of the cupCAKES were very moist. The frosting you know was made with love for Joseph and Jacqueline. I wish I had a cup of fresh milk to drink with it.There was also a horse and carriage ride that the marrried couple had. They looked very happy together as they headed off for there ride into the sunset. When they came back Kaity ,Holly and Becca also my Niece and God child got the opportunity to have a ride on the horse and carriage. Kaity was crying during the way out. Sally had to drive her back in the car on the way back to the reception. Holly and Becca were strong and didn't cry they really enjoyed the ride. After that we all ate and were later entertained with break dancing moves from Holly, Becca got in there and broke a move too. Kaity was spinning around like a top. Just watching her made me want to puke. Then they decided to calm down a little and just do something a little more relaxing like running around the place. I was chasing after Holly and Kaity as they were running after each other. I think this is why I was so tired and beat when I got home. I was happy to see all three of those little girls have so much fun.

Getting back to the Wedding Ceremony. We almost thought that it wasn't going to take place. At the beginning of the ceremony Jacqueline's mom Sandy came down and was to be followed by the rest of the Wedding party. So as Sandy came down and then sat in her seat, nobody was coming down. We were all waiting patiently for the next pair to come down which was the flower girls. I had the camcorder going. I had to shut it off because the Wedding was now being delayed. That was when the betting started. Who was the one with the cold feet,but to everyone delight the precession started back up. I later asked Sally what happened. She told me that nobody could find Joseph's ring. They were going through rooms, and had to get someone from the Aberdeen inn to open up a room for the search. Nathan , Jacqueline's quick thinking brother called Jacqueline about the situation and as it turned out, she still had the ring packed away and never gave it to Nicole, her sister and Bridesmaid. So the Wedding went off without another hitch. It was really nice to see Jacqueline's Dad Norm there for this very special day of his daughter.

Thank you for visiting and God Bless.


  1. Bill failed to mentioned the part during the wedding. A box of chocolate was passed around. We were all to take a piece and eat it. I sat in the back because I waited with Kaity before she walked down. I saw Holley put this huge piece of chocolate in her mouth. I am thinking we didn't even take picture yet and she is going to have chocolate every where. Then I see Bill taking a bite of his chocolate and then he went to give Kaity some. I stopped him and told him she couldn't have any because of her dress. The poor little thing was staring at everyone while they were eating. I thought for sure she would cry but she didn't.

  2. i speak from a lifetime of experience here when i say...bill, i do believe that the way the cubs have been playing for the past week, has ALOT to do with your sad outlook! i "feel" it with you and i know that only a TRUE cub fan can understand it.

    so from one true fan to another i's the top of the 8th, yes they are down 2 runs but at least tonight they have FOUGHT! do i know how this game will end? not a clue, but at least i can see a glimmer of hope and it is THAT glimmer of hope that will get them out of this horrible rut....but they have to FIGHT for it and WANT it bad enough!

    special note:
    this only makes sense to true cub fans!

    gotta go watch the rest of this game..
    God bless you bill...
    keep on fighting! never give up!
    guess who? :)

  3. Bill will win his battle with cancer! God is in his corner!

    Now the Cubs, I think the past 8 games really show that the Northside Team has a hard time organizing an offense or a defense. I really don't see the Cubs climbing out of the valley they're digging themselves into.

    Come over to the good side, Bill! Good guys wear black!