Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You are my son shine, Dedicated to Michael

Again ,Kaity woke up at about 2AM. I took her again in the living room and just cuddled with her on the couch. She calmed down immediately. Although I don't like her being upset, I really enjoy holding my little girl. It will be sad when she is a big girl and doesn't need to be held like that any more. Zachary once in a while will still want to be held and I enjoy that. Even Michael will lay on his mother on occasion. Getting back to Kaity I think I know why she may have gotten up. She is very particular how she is put to bed. Every time she goes to bed it's the same ritual. First of all, she gives everyone a kiss. Then she gives us her pillow. We have to make sure her pillow case is on perfectly. Then we have to place it in the same exact spot every time. She then lays in bed, but her head it resting against the wooden frame. So we have to pull her down by grabbing on to her ankles. We cannot use any other part of her body or we will hear her dissatisfaction. After all of that it is inventory check. Her pink heart, Build a Bear, bear must be on her right side, a baby doll on the left side. Her sippy cup she snuggles up with. Finally, she wants to be covered. The blanket can not be a real heavy one. Her face, arms and hands can not be covered up as well. After all of that 95% of the time she goes to sleep really good.

Zachary was the only one who really didn't have a ritual. When he was Kaity's age he didn't like to sleep in his bed. We would often have to lay down with him. Sometimes he would fall asleep on the couch if all the lights were off. Sometimes he would fall a sleep in front of the gate that would block off the kitchen from the living room when Sally would be in the kitchen on the computer. Most of the time he would end up in our bed. He started sleeping on his own right before Kaity was born. He sometimes sleeps in our bed when I work midnights. On occasion we wake up with Zachary sleeping at the foot at the bed without us knowing.

Michael had a ritual as well. His lasted probably until he was at least 10. Every night before he went to bed Sally would have to sing "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...." song. If she wasn't home she would have to call him and sing it. No one else could sing it for him. Even when we went away for 3 nights for our honey moon, Sally had to sing it to him every night. Michael forbid Sally from singing it to Zachary when Zachary was born. Plus Michael would call her every morning when he woke up. We couldn't go very long or far because of it. Michael was and still is attached to Sally. He has admitted to being "A Mommy's boy". ( Nothing is wrong with that) He slept with her until we got married and often ended up in our bed. Sometimes on the weekend mornings he might climb in bed with us when the other 2 kids are in there.

Michael is somewhat of a weather bug. If the weather is fierce he has a hard time. Like the time I had my walk and was out in the tornado that hit Griffith. I was talking about my experience with Sally and Michael was getting mad and didn't want us to talk about it at all. Whenever there is a storm he goes in the hallway with a flash light. Last August with the tornado, he woke all of us in the middle of the night and told us he heard the sirens and to go into the hallway. Sally and I were to tired and laid in bed. Besides storms Michael is afraid of the dark. In December we lost power for a day. We took the kids out and came around 10 pm. The plan was for Kaity to sleep with us and Zachary was going to sleep with Michael. Zachary ended up in our bed and Michael wasn't happy. He didn't want to be by himself in the dark. I was expecting Michael to jump in our bed as well. Luckily, the power came back on and Sally and I were able to reclaim our bed. Sorry Michael but it's time the world must know or at least some of the people you know.

Today, was an uneventful day. I slept in again. Helped Sally with house work. Picked up Zachary from school and took him to the school book fair. Hopefully I can get to bed earlier. The last couple if chemo sessions I have been really tired. I hope if I get more sleep I won't be so tired. Tomorrow I am hoping to get the C scan results. Tomorrow's blog will probably be short since I will be getting home late. It takes me a long time to type out the blogs since I am only a 2 finger typer and I need to rethink the stories so they are as true to the best of mine and Sally's recollection. I am trying to spend more times with kids and less time with the blog when they are home and trying to fit in typing the blog when they are busy or not at home.

Some of you have been asking about the Running Girl book written by my good friend Dan. You might be able to find it at a book store in Cedar Lake called the Seed Sowers. It is not at the Christian book Store in Merriville, That store I was told wasn't very helpful in getting it in. Amazon sells it as well. They only have 2 in stock right now. has them also.

On another note. Sally just scanned this picture that I have been wanting to post. Since I am on my Michael kick, I thought this would be a good time to share. There is a story attached to the picture. A couple of months ago, Zachary told Sally he misses his older sister. Sally was confused and was trying to understand what Zach was talking about it. Sally said you have a younger sister, not and older sister. Zachary said no I have an older sister, remember the picture of her? He was talking about the picture of Michael. A few years ago Sally was in her creative moods. She didn't want Michael to feel left out by displaying all the cute picture of Zach. So she printed out this picture and made the color antiqued and placed it in a frame for all to see.

Until tomorrow God Bless you all and have a great rest of the week.


  1. For the book website check out

  2. Excellent stories! Having raised two girls, I know a lot about ritual bedtime routines. It was great to read about Kaity, Zachary, and Michael and their methods for falling asleep.

    Talk about the three COMPLETELY different personalities - you can't make this stuff up!!!!

    So, tomorrow is the big day! Hopefully, you find out exactly how things are going...and it better be good! God can do anything!!!! After all, he made all that we see.

    Honestly, I don't pray for much intervention from the Lord...but I have prayed that he intervene in this case. I want to see you around for a LONG time to come.

    Keep me informed, bro! And let's try and get to another Cubs game this year!!! I really had a blast at the game!

  3. oh bill! michael is gonna lose it when he finds this picture on your blog and hears what you have written..:) :) :)
    you are very brave!:)
    i luv hearing all your stories and your kids will appreciate all this when they grow up. i know i have kept journals for all 3 of my girls since they were born (no i don't write everyday:) and i gave my eldest hers the day of her wedding as that was the day she officially moved out. the girls like to look back and read them and i enjoy it too.
    always remember, each day is a gift and you are making memories with them every moment!
    ok so i always kick up my prayers on your chemo days and because of the fact that you should be getting your results tomorrow i am REALLY KICKING them up!
    looking forward to your news tomorrow! hope you went to sleep early tonight even tho the cub game is on...they are winning!

    ok so now i hope it's ok if i send a message out to dan...

    dan i have a new appreciation/respect for you..even if you ARE a sox fan! i have visited your site and have ordered your book. so now i ask in return that maybe you would be so kind as to visit MY website and look over my cards.
    in the event that you might like any of them please place your order at the site but do NOT pay through paypal...i have serious issues with that route..payment can be sent to my po box.
    but really...truth be told i am sincerely interested in your professional opinion of the cards themselves.

    oh and by the way, when i finish the book i am writing about the cubs can you help me get it published please?

    bill, wishing you peace and good health and know that prayers are coming your way!
    blessings always, deb:)

  4. Hi Deb, I looked at your site a little bit, but I will look at in more depth when the people in my house are not so distracting. :-)

    I do love the website look - very professional. Great concept, using the color grey to make your cards unique and significant to the situations.

    I am a firm believer in trying to find something you love doing and do it often, and if you can make some extra cash doing it, all the better.

    Thank you so much for buying a copy of my book. Because of the economy, my book sales have really dropped of lately. So I truly appreciate you taking the time to go to and purchase The Running Girl. I think you’ll really like it.

    More opinions about debkards very soon!!!!!

  5. Hey Bill, I'm back. Where did I go? No where, just being a slacker I guess. I also have read 'The Running Girl' and I thought it was a great book. Way to go Dan!

    Hey Bill just wanted to let you know I'm still praying for you.

  6. Any word on the CT Scan, Bill?

    Congratulations on your book, Dan. That's pretty impressive.
    Deb, your website looks great, and so do your cards, and they're a bargain!


  7. hey bill....we're all here thinking of you, praying for you and talking about you! :) CUBS WIN! (took the series in fact)should put a smile on your face!
    ok well, thanks you guys for checking out my cards and for the positive feedback which really means alot to me!
    bill we look forward to hearing from you and you remain always in the prayers of many...more than you will probably ever know!
    blessings, deb