Saturday, May 23, 2009

A very special day for all

Today Zach had his soccer game and he is getting better.He doesn't fall on the ground and flap around like a fish as much anymore. Now if we could only get Michael out of the fall on the ground fish flapping stage. He usually only gets that way when we say he can't have any pop.

We had the wedding rehearsal and dinner. That went really well. I think that Jacqueline and Joseph will make a great couple. I believe Jacqueline found her Mr. Right in Mr. Wong.(Joseph Wong) The food at the dinner was simply scrunchious. I really liked the pasta salad. The vegetables were of the freshest in nature. Surely somebodies garden is missing some vegetables. I believe Nicole and Matthew made it. Jacqueline had a bachelorette party last night. There was a ex- stripper there teaching all the women how to tease there man. From what I was told Jacqueline's Mom Sandy stold the show. Sally couldn't make it cause she was still having stomach problems.

After all that Sally and I with Kaity and Zach went to go.( Michael stayed because he is doing a reading and it's easier if he spent the night) If we are in the neighborhood of Albanese Candy Factory we always like to stop and get some candy. It's really a treat for the kids because there is so much to choose from and the prices are very reasonable. We went and got some gummis. After we got our sweet goodness Sally asked me to hold Kaitys hand and walk her to the car. Zach and Sally were behind us coming out of the store. As I was walking closer to the car I heard a commotion. I looked back and saw Sally and Zachary going over the bag of Gummis. I was like you gotta be kidding me. We our only about 20 feet away from the car and they are already looking through the bag of candy. People were coming to go in the store and stopping to stare at my wife and son pilfering through the bag. I couldn't believe my eyes and glad I wasn't with them. So here is Zachary and Sally both are chunky. We had a few different bags of candy because each of us got what we wanted. So there is Sally and Zachary digging through the bag because Zachary wanted his item which of course is in the bottom of the bag. In order to get it Sally and Zachary were taking out the individual bags to find what Zachary wanted (in front of the door blocking people from getting in) Then there was a couple that walked by and looked at them and started to laugh. So picture chubby Zachary and Sally in front of the door holding bags of candy some of the bags fell on the ground. They looked like 2 liitle pigs who couldn't wait until they got their hands on the goods.

Thank you for visiting my blog and God Bless you. I Will write about the new Mr. and Mrs. Wong's Wedding tomorrow.


  1. i get it! :)
    jacqueline found mr right in mr "wong! hahahahaha..:) you're a funny guy!!!!
    now i see where michael gets HIS sense of humor!
    cya deb:)
    have a wonderful time at the wedding!!

  2. Albanese Candy Factory - we went there last weekend. Very nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. ;-)

  3. it was GREAT seeing you guys in church today! enjoy the wedding!

  4. So when ya'll gonna come down and visit Harvest Church?

  5. Dan, I'll be there Sunday!