Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm shrinking, I'm shrinking

Today most of you know that I was to get the result of the CT Scan. So far so good. I was told the everything is shrinking. My lympnodes and my liver with the small spot on it, everything is shrinking. They didn't get a measurement of how much shrinkage there was. At least it's going in the right direction. So that is definitely great news to hear but, I still have a little way to go. I am very happy and will start the cart wheel training. Tomorrow I have a dermatologist appointment because Sally notice when I got out of bed when she was checking me out( wink wink) that I had red spots all over my back and arms. My doctor believes it's just a form of acne. He isn't sure, so that is why he set this up. I finally got my appointment with the liver specialist next Thursday the 21ST at 2:30 at U.I.C. I will be praying very hard that he will not feel the need to do surgery to remove the spot. I will take that news as a step back. I am hoping since the spot was small to begin with and it shrunk more he won't want to do surgery. I still have to see the thyroid specialist on the 28th

Today in the mail I got some blessed St. Peregrine Oil from the The Compassion Ministry. This is the Ministry of Father Rookey. When I called to have Father pray over me he told me he would send me the oil. St. Peregrine is the patron Saint of people with cancer. This is nice for them to do this. Like I mentioned on Tuesdays blog this is an added bonus to all the wonderful people(you) out there that are praying for me.

Pastor Brian -it is great to hear from you again. It's been a long time since I heard from you. I am glad you are back. I think I will take a visit to your church one day. I love to read your posting especially when we our beating up on Dan. Go cubs, They won 11-3 today.
Patty- I really look forward to your postings. I know that you don't know me personally,but you have really helped me with what I am going through, since you have been there done that. I have a couple of questions I would like to ask you if you don't mind.
Dan- Do you really need an introduction. Yes you probably do. I am really grateful for all the things you have done for me to help make my illness more bearable. You and your wife are truly amazing people and I wish only the best for you and your Daughters
Deb- I really look forward to reading your post . They are very uplifting and makes me feel better to have a fellow cubs fan being there for me. you are truly a special person. Joe is very lucky to have you. I hope Dan is able to help you with your cards and your writings.You have sent a few of your cards to me and they are very beautiful. The public needs to know.
My family( Sally's side and mine) and friends- All of you have done so much for me and my family. With the planning of the benefit or working it and getting the raffle prizes and ect. ect. ect. You all have gone far beyond expectations. You are giving me the love that I needed to help me with my illness and I will always be in deep gratitude to you. I wish I could make mention of everyone,but that would be a very long night for me and you do deserve the notoriety . I will say that I LOVE each one of you very deeply. I hope to thank you in a more personal way some day.

I want to tell a quick story about Kaity that happened yesterday. On our doors in the hallway we have the door knob things on them so Kaity can't get in the rooms. Now she will pull real hard on them to make them pull apart. So yesterday she got in the bathroom when she did this. She went in there to wash her hands, she was getting ready to eat dinner. Sally asked me check on her so she wouldn't burn herself with the hot water. I went to open the door and it was locked. "Oh know" I said,(I thought she must have done that accidentally) "Hey kaity open the door, this is Daddy( that really made her rush to the door). I didn't know what to do, she didn't seem to care. I wasn't sure how the door needed to be opened. I didn't know if it was a push in Like our bedroom door is or and push and turn like Michael's. The whole time thinking I have to look for my precision screw driver set. Before I was going to leave to save my poor defenseless little girl. Not knowing what trouble she could get into. I heard a sound from the door knob. The door slowly opened and she said " OK come in now ,done" and she walked out. I was speechless. You gotta love her.

God Bless you all and thatnks for the prayers. I truly believe it was the prayers that helped me today. Thank You


  1. Bill- questions? go for it, ask away!

    I have been patiently waiting for your update on the scan and your day! Thanks be to God for shrinking liver spots! :)

    I did want to tell you about surgery to remove part of the liver or lung or whatever. One of my chemo nurses (what a bunch of incredible dynamic loving nurses!!) was telling me about one of their patients who had part of a lung and liver removed as treatment for his colon cancer 20 YEARS AGO and is doing great to this day!! So if by chance that is the direction they recommend you go, please please please don't view it as a step back, but only a step forward through the maze of ridding your body of the cancer!

    Hugs to you, Sally and your adorable kids. I will only be thinking good, positive thoughts over the next several days and definitely will be praying you through yet another chemo weekend!


  2. Patty thank you for your kind words of encouragement. My oncology nurses are truly amazing and dynamic also. They really make the Chemo Sessions easier to take.

    I wanted to ask you if you ever had issues when you burbed the smell was extremely fowl odor.This will happen to me for a day or so than go away.Is this something that I will have to deal with or maybe it is something in my diet that may be causing this.Or is there something I could take to help. I told my Chemo nurses and they believe it is chemo related. Has this ever happen to you.

  3. No issues on the burping and foul odor. Did this just start and is it right around infusion time and then not until the next treatment?

    I did have horrible horrible foul taste buds, seriously like they were rotting. I don't remember the smell, just the taste in my mouth and it was nasty. Could your issue be connected, could they be the same thing, just a bit different. I think so. :) My oncologist told me once that they have to have such a hard heart cause EVERYTHING gets blamed on chemo!

    How does your mouth feel? Gums and cheek lining sore? My first sign that my mouth was going bad was it was uncomfortable to eat toast. Maybe this burping and foul odor is a sign that your headed to mouth issues? Do you gargle with warm salt water? Also try baking soda and warm water. Hope this helps!

  4. The issue with the burbing is there is no set time frame. I had it on this past tuesday and it was gone on wednesday. One time I had when I did chemo, Another time just after. No issues with my mouth as of yet.I know I need to gargle to kill all the germs and bacteria but haven't started yet. Thanks for the reply

  5. Excellent News!

    Sorry I didn't call you back yesterday. After the storms kept me up all night, I had to go in to work at 3AM to cover a shift, so I was very tired.

    You're not going to do cartwheels with the Chemo-box on are you?

    Also, I think you need to go to a White Sox game now!!!! That's what seemed to turn-it-around for the unlovable losers who now rarely lose. I really think the Cubs owe me some cash for breaking the curse!

  6. Bill,


  7. Deb,
    A suggeston for your cards,I know they are marketed toward "the grey areas in life," but I wonder if you considered expanding to include birthdays, mother/fathers day. I think you could do some awesome cards for these events. Your cards are very reasonably priced compared to the cost of cards at the stores.

  8. GO BILL GO! let the cartwheel training begin! (just tell me when) i have to go wake some children up and get moving but i will write again later! thanks for the good news! prayer really IS a powerful gift!
    blessingsm deb:)

  9. Bill, I would love for you to come visit at church. It is fun to give Dan (all sox fans) a hard time. It is encouraging for me to know that you are so supported by friends and family. It really shows that you are loved by so many. It makes me think of the impact that people really do have on each other. Bill, You have impacted others and have been given a platform to encourage others. Use it!

    See you at Church.

  10. Definitely going to order Debkards on next payday!

  11. you are so sweet!
    hey dawn...i thank you for the card ideas and it's funny you should say that because it's actually a part of the reason that i made the decision to have the cards available with or without text, that way they could serve multiple purposes and people could actually write their own inside or have me print their choice of text inside one of the cards.
    ok enough..
    this is bills blog but God bless you for looking over my cards and sharing your thoughts..
    blessings to all..deb:)

  12. pastor brian...we have to agree to SHARE bill and his family on sundays ok?

  13. Why don't you come with him, then we can all be together.

  14. Opps used my wifes blog for the last post!!!!