Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The big day

Last night Kaity didn't want to go to sleep. We finally got her down around 11PM. So at that time I started my daily Prayers and after that Sally and I played a little wii. Kaity woke up about 2:30 and she wanted her Daddy, so I was up with her for a while consoling her. I finally got her to sleep but, than I was restless most of the night. I did wake up at 8am so Sally could take Zach to school and I would keep an eye on Kaity. When Sally got home I went back to sleep and I slept until 1pm. I got my act together so I could pick up Zach from school. I also called Father Rookey again. I felt like calling him is an added bonus. With all the support and prayers I have been already receiving, I thank all of you for that. After I picked up Zachary from school I took him home and went for the CT scan. I also had my blood work done for Thursday's chemo treatment. As I was traveling to my appointment the song from Gloria Gaynor "I Will Survive" came on. I was like ooooooooohhhhh yeahhhh. I thought that was the perfect song for the situation at hand. Than the song by Steam called Ballroom Blitz came on. It was like no way, it must be my lucky day. There really isn't any reason why I mentioned that song except that it ROCKS! It was sad before I was to get my blood work done because there was a young boy about 4 years old getting blood drawn. Needless to say he didn't take it to well. They had to call in reinforcements so they could do what they had to do. I was at the Wellness Center for a while because of this. When I finally got my blood work done I then had to go and drink the barrien and than sit around for about 45 mins or so. I hope to get the results on Thursday when I go in for Chemo.

Talking about the little boy having the blood work done. The same thing happened to Zachary when he was about 5 and Sally was pregnant with Kaitlyn. The Doctor wanted to check for lead poisoning. It was a routine check that he went in for and this was his bonus. He knew before he went in what was in store for him. When he was called in he made a b-line toward the exit. Since I was speedy Bill I was able to catch him before he got to the border. When we finally got him back in there , reinforcements were called in plus he had to sit on my lap and I had to hold his arm down. I never heard such crying before and I almost wanted to say lets go. As a father this really breaks your heart. When we finally got it done none of us had dry eyes when we came out.
Another time when Zach was an infant and getting his baby shots. We took him in and he was always smiling, not having a care in the world. There he was smiling at the nurse and at his Mommy and Daddy. Hey you can't smile ,( the bad voice said) and since you are smiling they are going to stick you with a needle now. He started balling and that will break your heart too. I wanted the nurse to poke me since I felt like I deserved it after what I did to my little boy. Better yet just cut my arm off or pound a nail into it.

I am going to go to spend time with Sally God Bless you all and thank you for everything. By the way I don't know if any of you notice my new survey about the book Running Girl by my friend Dan. I read it and it is a book you want to consider reading. It's a book for all ages and it is Christian book.


  1. Bill, thanks for the plug for my book. I appreciate it.

    Hey, I really gotta' say something here. Ya know, it really is a shame that it took an illness for you and I to become such good friends. Not that we weren't freinds before, but we're much closer now, I believe.

    I really respect you, Bill. You are an awesome FAMILY MAN who COMPLETELY understands the role of provider in the home. You want your kids to have a better life than you did and you want to be the best husband and dad you can be. I see that in you every day.

    This struggle has really brought out the best in you, buddy. In fact, I actually find myself asking what I can do to be more like you. That's a big compliment...as I don't have a whole lot of heroes. As you know, I usually think I'm the best at everything. :-)

    I don't know if you know this, but I've known many people who have battled cancer - one of my best friends in high school, my father, and my former pastor's wife to name a few. The struggles, the chemo, the talks, the support, and the prayers are all still fresh in my memory. These battles leave everyone a stronger person. No doubt about it, Bill, you've proved ready for the fight.

    Jesus said we only need faith as big as a mustard seed to move a mountain (Matthew 17:19-20), well I have faith in God and in your will to give all the glory to God for this miracle.

    I've never once thought that God can't heal you! And I've NEVER doubted your belief that your heart is in this battle for the long haul.

    I just had to get all that off my chest, Bill.

    Oh, ya, and White Sox win 7 to 4 against the Indians.

    Not sure what the Cubs did.


  2. Dan , thanks for the kind words.You are a good friend. You are the one that I always hear from the most from work. You have been there for me when I needed to chat with someone. You also gave me the cool Cubs hat and shirt. As far as being a good father and husband I think the jury is still out on that one, but I do try my best sometimes my best isn't good enough.The main flaw you have is that you are a Sox fan but ,I am willing to over look that.Oh, and thanks for making Sally cry.

  3. go cubs go! go cubs go! :)
    i just wanted to update dan on what the cubs did last nite:)
    soooooooooooooooooo where can i find this book? and bill...you just keep on fighting this fight! looking forward to scan results and bless you for sharing your life and love with us. in exchange, you have support and prayers from so many...keep smiling :) deb

  4. I just wanted to comment on how well you are doing day to day with the chemo! At least that is what I am reading in your posts! I was so sick for 4 months straight from the drugs- they eventually reduced one of the drugs to nothing and then I felt like I was a human being once again! That you are feeling so well is indeed a blessing :)

  5. I didn't know Dan wrote a book! I'm anxious to read it now! I'm going to see if the Family Christian Bookstore in Mer. has it in stock. I know I can order it through borders, but I don't like to wait for things!

  6. Go to www.danblankenship.com to see all about the book and my other work.