Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Doctors

I felt like I didn't want to do anything but sit outside and check out the view. I still have a slight headache but , feeling a little better than A few days ago. Basically a boring day to say the least.

Tomorrow I have two appointments in the afternoon. The first one is for the thyroid specialist at 2:45 and then Sally and I will shoot to the Hammond Clinic to see my Oncologist Dr. Mboama. Yes, that is how you spell his name.( its pronounced Bowma). Both appointments are fairly important. The Thyroid appointment will be if Dr. Adlard may want to remove the goiters in my thyroid. For now its only a consultation. With Dr. Mboama it will be about the surgery and what I will need to do or not to do or when to do it or when not to do it or if maybe when I should do it and when I shouldn't do it or do it if I don't feeling like doing it or do it only if I feel like doing it or even think about doing it and not doing it. That is what I will get from Dr. Mboama. He is a very good Doctor and has been very honest with us. I well tell everyone what happened in tomorrows blog. I had my chat with Dr. Warso's nurse about the Liver surgery. She said that Dr. Warso wanted to talk to Dr.Mboama first before it is set up. I hope that doesn't mean there may be a problem. I really want to get this done and over with.

I have a question to any postal worker( maybe my sister in law Leann or maybe my wife who was a carrier for about three months )that may be able to answer my question and anyone that may know already. If there was mail that was going to be sent to somewhere and you have on address but the place is totally different than what is on the envelope. Its like this , if you were delivering something lets say to credit card place and you were actually at International House Of PanCAKES. Knowing its a bill but it went to the PanCAKE joint, what is the protocol. I was just wondering. Knowing the rule I think will make me a more complete person if not smarter.

I am going to close out now.Sally and I want to watch a movie and check out the news. I want to see the sports cause Zambrano was ejected from today's game. I heard he got ejected when the ump. actually turned into Zambrano. I want to see who fault it was. Big Z will now get a suspension something that may not be his fault. Take care and God Bless you all.

Cubs won 5-2 two game winning streak going. Sox playing at 9 tonight.

God Bless and take care. Good night.

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  1. sorry was all zambrano's fault! he REALLY needs to control that temper of his cuz it is starting to cost us again!

    soooooooooooooooooo..when will you and the doctor be "doing it"? :)
    sorry, i just couldn't resist!