Thursday, May 21, 2009

Set back!

Please bear with me , it's hard to see the screen when your vision is blurred, and you can't do anything about it. As you all know I had the appointment with the Liver specialist doctor. He looked at the CT Scan results and saw the spots and said there is no way of knowing if it is the Cancer spot or scarred tissue. There is no way of telling without just going in there and butchering me. This surgery has a lot of risk involved. I am back and read what Sally said. Don't listen to her I do feel it's a step back. I know its for my best interest but, I still think I'm going backwards.

Hi everyone this is Sally. Bill stepped out to be with Zachary for soccer practice. So I have decided to share my version of today's events . The surgeon was very nice. He sat down and explained what will be done. Bill of course is not happy with the fact that he will be under going another surgery which is understandable. Not that I enjoy when Bill is miserable and in pain but I am thankful he is able to have the surgery. Wish the surgery could be performed closer since I am terrified to drive in Chicago, but I know everything will work out. The surgery will increase Bill's survival rate between 30-40%. The surgeon will removed the 2 spots on the liver and he will also look for the cancerous lymphoid and remove it if he is able to find it. So basically the cancer will be gone but there will still be cancer cells floating around so he will not be out of the woods and will still have chemo therapy treatments. Like all surgeries there are risk involved. What complicates this surgery is that one of the spots in the liver is way up in the liver right underneath the rib cage. The doctor will have to move the liver to get to it. With Bill undergoing chemo there is a possibility the liver is soft which can lead into complications. However, the surgeon specializes in this so he will know what to look for and what to do. Like what Bill said The surgeon did say that there is no way to tell if the spots are cancerous unless he has the operation. He said since the spots have shrunk it could be scar tissue. However, it is felt it's in Bill's best interest to operate.The recovery should be a little easier then the last surgery. He will be in the hospital for about 7 days, less if he does good. He should be able to return back to work about 4 weeks after the surgery.The surgery doesn't need to be perform immediately. He will have to be off chemo for 3 weeks before he has surgery. I am hoping he could have it on the week of June 15th (least this way it will be after our wedding anniversary). Bill is worried that if he is off work for more than 6 months he could loose his job so he thinking about postponing the surgery and going back to work for awhile. He will have to make some phone calls tomorrow to see what is best. I do not feel this is a step back but a step a head for Bill.

When I was in the room waiting to see the Doctor, the nurse ask me to strip down to my underwear and put on there undergarment. As I was doing this Sally was sitting there and all of a sudden she started laughing at me. I wasn't completely naked so I know she wasn't laughing at that. I looked down and realized that I had on underwear that had bleach spots on them. My drawers were black and with the bleach spots made my drawers have actually brown splotches all over them. So it looked like I soiled my drawers. I could tell that the Doctor was a little hesitant about my exam because, he probably thought I had a more serious issue I needed to worry about first.

I really didn't feel like writing today because of what I was told, but I am getting a lot of positive feedback about the blog. That is whey I really enjoy writing it. Sometimes I may not write for one reason or another. Then I will have Sally write it and she will let everyone know that she is. If I don't it's probably because I am not feeling good. It's getting late and I am going to go now. God Bless you all and Thank you for the prayers.

Cubs are losing again 3-1 in the 8th
The Sox got destroyed 20-1


  1. The Sox game was actually a lot closer than the score makes it seem.

  2. oh dan! talk about a positive (but unrealistic) attitude! on second thought...ENLIGHTEN us on the positives of this 20-1 FINAL score..please?

    oh bill! i think we can all understand where you are coming from and we all "feel" your pain and frustration but these doctors KNOW what they're doing and i could be way off here but the fact that they feel they need to SEE what is going on in there leaves me with a psoitive thought. odds are they would NEVER open you up if they thought there was/were (major) cancer cells in there..please correct me if i am wrong ok?
    as for timing...well i guess the doctors will surely tell you what they think when you ask them. is it possible (health wise) for you to go back to work during the weeks that you will NOT be having chemo? and if you do does that count toward this 6 month time frame? as in...does the 6 months begin all over again?
    i know so many questions right? and yet, i have all this time on my hands because i had to walk away from this cub game and have no intention of going back. three losses to the cardinals is almost as bad as losing a game 20-1:) :) :)
    blessings to all of you! prayers are on their way!

  3. Is it possible that if it is scar tissue that you don't have stage 4? And the only way of knowing that is to do the surgery?
    I know you are scared and see the surgery as a step back. I am hanging with Sally on this one and see it more like 2 steps forward and no steps back!
    Sally? When is your colonoscopy?

  4. Is it possible that if it is scar tissue that you don't have stage 4? And the only way of knowing that is to do the surgery?
    I know you are scared and see the surgery as a step back. I am hanging with Sally on this one and see it more like 2 steps forward and no steps back!
    Sally? When is your colonoscopy?

  5. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


    Miki (OLS)

  6. Dan, Are you dyslectic? Did the 20-1 score look more like 02-1?

    Sally has an appointment to see our family doctor on Tuesday.

  7. Think of it this way Bill...if they do the surgery and it isn't scar tissue, then the cancer will be GONE! I know you'll still have the cells floating around, but the CANCER will be gone, right? And if it is scar tissue, then that's a good thing too, right?

  8. No I still have the issue of cancer in my lymph nodes but the Doctor said he will try and get to that also. No matter what happens I will always have this cloud over me.

  9. Bill,
    Here are my two cents, and I know I already said this to you on the phone, but I'm with Sally on this. I would get it taken care of as soon as possible. Remember, you are young and strong, and you'll recover quickly. If you get it done the first part of June, it will give you two months to recover before you had to go back to work, more than enough. I know you'll follow the doctors advice, no matter what it is. Wouldn't it be better to get it surgically removed, and know that it was gone. As Sally said, it will increase your survival rate by up to 40%. That's pretty incredible.
    Just do it.

    Love you,

  10. Bill, thanks for keeping everyone updated on your condition. We will keep praying!

    Now let's talk about the underwear... I have a ton of questions Bill.

    Dan, do explain how a 20-1 score is closer than it appears.