Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Here we go again

Today I woke up and didn't want to think about food. Tomorrow is my Colonoscopy and I can not eat anything, only clear liquids. I went and took Kaity to the park for a little while, to try and keep my mind off of food. I am taking the Osmoprep pills,those things are huge. Hold on I'll be right back.( I'm back) I want to finish what I didn't yesterday,but because I am so hungry I don't know that would be wise. I might just go out and plant seeds. I am really nervous because of what happened last time. Hold on I'll be right back.( I'm back) So I am hoping for good news this time. I am scheduled for a CT Scan on the 12Th of May. That is 2 days before my 6Th chemo session. Again I hope I get news that it is at least not getting worse. If I don't hear what I want to hear I don't know what I would do. I leave everything in Gods hand. Hold on I'll be right back. ( I'm back )Since I feel hungry I really don't have the mind frame to do it. All I want to do is lay around and sit outside. Although I did cut some branches off the trees that are in our front yard, I least I did accomplish that.

My dinner today will be the WintoGreeniest Life Savers hard candy that I can sniff. Yes, I do sniff each and every bag to make sure I smell what I pay for. Later I may splurge and have some Jello that is the most wiggly. ( being wiggly is very important to me)Hold on I'll be right back.(I'm back) For dessert I will have Popsicles ,which I won't enjoy cause they will be to
COLD. My beverages of choice will be apple juice that came from the apple trees that Johnny Appleseed planted his self. If all goes well tomorrow Sally and I are going to have lunch somewhere.

Who is Johnny Appleseed: His real name was John Arthur Chapman. Hold on I'll be right back(I'm back) he lived between 1774and 1845. Was born in Leominster Massachusetts. He was a guy who was bored one day and decided to go for a walk. That walk made him end up in Indiana. Along the way he was planting apple seeds.He died at the age of 74.

Please keep me in your prayers so that everything is fine and there are no new issues. Thanks for visiting my blog and God bless you all. Hold on I'll be right back( I'm back) Tomorrow Sally will probably do the blog cause I don't know how I will be feeling., besides I can't type standing up.


  1. Geez, Bill. How long did it take you to write this? I counted 5 times you had to rush off, you poor thing! I hope it doesn't last all night, for your sake and your family's too!

  2. Its a matter of a few hours. I will have to do it again in the morning. Although its not as bad as last time.

  3. you have my most sincere prayers! actually you and your whole family are always in my prayers but once again i intend to KICK IT UP a notch or two! you are quite an amazing young man bill!!! you keep focused and set on your path and we'll all keep praying, deal? and since i have had my share of colonoscopy's i feel your pain!!! let's hear some GOOD NEWS!!!! :) blessings always, deb:)