Monday, May 11, 2009


This is all the garbage I got out of the car.

Today I slept in until about 9:30. I was really tire because I was up until 2 am the night before getting things ready for Mothers day and saying my prayers before I go to bed. I still feel a little tired. I just don't want to sleep my day away. After eating breakfast I took the car for an oil change. Sally and I are going to pick up Zachary from school and we have a meeting with his teacher about his academics and his placement for next year. He is having a hard time with some of his subjects. His best subject is Math. Usually gets all A's and B's in Math. I think he has a hard time with reading and that is what a lot of his problem is. When he brings home his homework and I go through it with him, he will understand it and do it right. At school they are responsible for reading there own instructions on how to do there work. That is why I think that is the issue. He also has a hard time with his speech and he sees a pathologist twice a week. We are trying to help him with his reading and did try to get help with his speech but, our insurance won't cover him unless we get a referral. We asked for a referral but they say he isn't severe enough. We have been fighting about this for about two years now. The help he gets at school just isn't enough.

We just got back from school. Zachary is border line from being retained and being passed. He might be OK next year if he receives extra help. Which we were told he might but there isn't any guarantees. If he does bad next year he would be held back in second grade. Last year we were told the same thing. It's hard to see him struggle and it's heartbreaking to hold him back. The teacher told us she would support the decision we make. Sally and I chose to have him retained. Zachary doesn't seem to mind. The major issue is his speech according to his teacher. Sally requested to have him tested for learning disabilities as well. We were told it will be a year process but as long as it's done, that's the most important thing. The teacher told us that Zachary has no problem reading or comprehending.

Zachary is funny. He complains about being a boy and wants to be a girl. He said it's not fair because girls always go first in the line and the boys always have to go last. He also doesn't think it's fair that girls have purses and boys do not. Wait until he get older when he realizes he has to pay for dates and all the other rules (like females are never wrong).

I am going to wash and clean Sally's car. The car always seems to get cluttered. The kids have a tendency not to take their garbage and stuff out with them. It's embarrassing when I get out of the car and a wrapper of some sort is stuck to my shoes. Or when we open the door and something flies out. Reminds me of the time when I was with my brother in law Tom picking up a basketball hoop that Sally had won. We already had one so we didn't need another one. It was sponsored by Pepsi. The backboard had a Mountain Dew logal on it. When we were going to put the basketball hoop in his truck, He opened the back end of his Yukon and out pours a water fall of Mountain dew cans. That is when I new that the backboard was going to be in the right hands. Now back to the story of the Clean Impala. Actually, the car is our car since my car hasn't been running since August. I like driving her car better. My car is a 94 Pontiac Grand Am. It has over 200,00 miles. The air doesn't work any more and what is even worst there is no radio. My car was broken into a few years ago and someone stoled my stereo which I had gotten for Father's Day one year. I do not enjoy driving without music.

Tomorrow at 4 pm is the day for the C Scan. In one way I am anxious for it be done. It would be great and a relief to know the cancer is going away. On the other hand, I am scared. To find out it has spread will be devastating. I am putting everything in God's hand but it's still hard not to worry. The waiting for the results will be the hardest part. Hopefully, we will know something on Thursday. I am asking for lots of prayers for a good out come. I am going to call Father Rookie again for his help too.
So please everyone prayer for a great result. Thank You for the prayers and support.

Cubs are Idle, the Sox are losing 2-0 in the bottom of the 4th and the Hawks play at 8pm.


  1. Think positive about the c-scan tomorrow!! There is absolutely no point in worrying or thinking negative cause it won't change a dang thing! (I know, I know, tis easier said then done...) I have a c-scan in a month, we shall see if I can follow my own advice!

  2. prayers are on their way and we all want you to know that we are behind you each and every single day! we will "patiently" await the results right by your are never alone! blessings..deb:)