Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Today was a very trying day at first. I was very nervous. Deep down I knew that everything would be ok but, still in the back of my mind I was like what if. The doctor said there wasn't anything major to report. The only thing he said I had was Diverticulitis. This is when I have pockets and certain things that I may eat like peanuts could get caught in these pockets and cause an infection. It is non cancerous but,could cause pain with the infection. With medication everything should be ok.It is a total relief that this is out of the way. Now if I get good news from my CT on Tuesday I Will do cartwheels in the yard. I don't know how to do them but, think that is a good day as any to learn.

I think the Doctor pushed to many of my butt-ons. When I came home I took a little nap and when I woke up just wanted to do stuff around the house.I played with the kids,cleaned up the yard and driveway. I wanted to do more but started to talk to our neighbors about things that we want or would like to do to the house.We were talking to them for a long time and then realized that it was 8pm and we didn't eat dinner yet. KFC had the free skinless chicken dinner(limit 4 per family) special going on so we went there.When we went there of course they were very busy, and the dinning area was a total mess. So we decided that it would be a long wait plus no where to sit and eat in at a clean table so we left and ate at MD'S. We will have to go right after school next time perhaps to get better service.

The other day when I was waiting to pick up Zach from school I took Kaity to the playground area to play. She really loves the slide. It was a very nice day and she was going down the slide and one time I heard her say "OUCH HOT". I said "yes its hot".When she got off the slide she started to blow on it to cool it off.Sally and I told her if her food was ever hot to blow on it. I never thought she would blow on a slide.

I am going to quit for now. I need to spend some time with my lady.I all in all feel really, really good. Sally and I have to go and get Kaity her 2 year old picture tomorrow. She turned two on the 9th so we need to do this.Until tomorrow and God be with all of you. I love the comments keep them coming.


  1. hey bill..i have diverticulitis too and i would LUV to know what medication they are giving you!!! i have had it for over 20 years and sometimes i eat the wrong things and suffer alot! so tell me the secret! i need it! on another note thank God for the good news and let's have more of the same on tuesday! :) take care!!! blessings and prayers always, deb:)

  2. The doctor didn't tell me what it is he just said there is something he could do if I get the discomfort. Right now I have no issue with it so I guess I have to have pain first.He said try and stay away from peanuts. That is the main problem people get from this.

  3. Praying for the same results next week!!!!

    You, Bill, have faced this battle with amazing courage and self-discipline. Very proud of you!

  4. yeah! so glad to hear that everything went well. I do know the feeling, the one in the back of the mind, that says, "yeah, but what if..." Called anxiety- I get the same way when I fly. lol

  5. Kaity + Mall = Excitement! Just like every time the White Sox take the field.

  6. oh shoot, i forgot to offer my assistance when it comes to the cartwheels! i would GLADLY teach you how to do them and i plan to videotape it too...:) deb

  7. Hi Bill,
    That's great news. Now, we'll just wait to see how the scan turns out. I want to see you AND SALLY do the cartwheels. ;-) I'll join you, too!

    Tell Zachary that Aunt Dawn said he looks VERY handsome in his new glasses.

    Warmest Blessings,

  8. I'll do cartwheels too, and you can even take pictures!

    Cartwheels against cancer!