Friday, May 29, 2009

Security has been breached

Today I did a lot. I went to the 9am daily mass at St. James afterwards I said all my daily prayers. Went and got blood work done for a lipid profile for my Doctors appointment that is on Monday. This appointment is routine and I need some scribs. Then I had to turn in my old uniforms to work cause they got new ones. Then I took Kaity to the park for about three hours. She will sleep very good today. I washed Sally's car also.

I had to yell at one of the kids down the street from us because he would come down to play and would hit, kick or pinch the other kids. This has been going on for the last two summers. I would just watch to make sure nothing bad was going on. He never seemed to do much in front of me except this one time I saw him swing a tree branch at Zach. As soon as I walked out side he ran away. Yesterday he hit Zach and Zach told his Dad and his Dad ignored Zach. I know this to be true cause the other kids collaborated Zachs story without Zachs influence. Now today again Zach told me that this boy hit him. So I went out to have a chat with him. I go to the back and there is Zach and Tyler ( the neighbor girl) on top of this boy. I said " What is going on! The Mr. Freeze gang said that this boy was pinching Tanner.(the neighbor boy)(I will not mention the perpetrators name)I told him that he needed to go home and not to come back if he feels he needs to be violent. He went home and told his posse. Now is whole family his outside just watching. This is strange cause this boy is only about 5 and they never seemed to care about what he was doing before. They would stay in the house while this kid roamed the neighborhood and crossed the street at will. He was still riding his bike near us and going in our driveway. That is OK as long as he didn't do anything dumb. The whole time I was being watched. So I would stare back and wave at them. I have to problem with this boy coming down to play. He just needs to keep his aggressiveness at home.

I was playing with the other kids tag. I was running around and having some fun. It really felt good , and I needed it. This was going on for a while until Taylor uttered the phrase NA NA DA BOO BOO. I was what did you say and she said it again. Then all the kids were saying it in unison. I know that its not NA NA DA POO POO. They obviously changed the code because I found out what they were up to. I was terrified so I ran in the house for a few minutes to recoup. The whole time my wife and Neighbor were outside and in danger of getting kicked in the shins. I had to think of something quick. So I went out and said NA NA DA BOO BOO back but, only louder than they did. They all looked at each other and by the look in there faces I could still they were baffled.I knew then I had them wear I wanted them. I don't know exactly were that was, but as long as they thought It , I was happy. I don't think I will be having anymore trouble from this ruthless gang any longer. Unless they change there code again, but I am a pretty smart cookie.You can't pull the wool over my eyes for very long.

Thank you all and God Bless.
Cubs won 2-1 to the best team in baseball. Ted Lilly pitched a gem
Sox play at 7 at Kansas City.



  2. This is no laughing matter this is like War of the Worlds serious.You are lucky that there is someone like me to warn the masses.

  3. thank you bill for watching out for us..:) deb

  4. White Sox rule! NA NA DA BOO BOO!!!!! X 3

  5. So did the cubs against the best team in baseball.7-0 so na na da poo poo to you x4 out of 5