Monday, April 13, 2009

Today, Sally planned on taking the kids to mall while I cleaned Zach's room. I stood in the room for 15 minutes not knowing where to begin. So I decided to go with them to the mall. The kids received Build a Bear gift cards for their birthdays. Zachary picked out a dog and Kaity was more interested in running around then anything else. So she ended up with nothing. Kaity insisted on bringing her purse (which she got from the Easter bunny) in the mall. She lost it at the mall somewhere. So tomorrow her and Sally will have to go back and see if it was returned at the lost and found. Maybe she will be more interested in Build a Bear tomorrow.

Tomorrow I have to tackle Zach's room. No one can walk in there. It is so bad that we can't even find their clothes. Usually we don't let his room get that bad. We were in the middle of sorting through and things right before I ended up in the surgery. So it was a little messy but we were still able to walk around in it. By the time I came home from the hospital it looked like it was destroyed by a tornado. Now it is even worst and looks like it was hit by a hurricane , typhoon and tidal wave( Zachary drools) as well. If I don't blog tomorrow it's because I wasn't able to find my way out of his room.

I was told yesterday by my brother Mike, I should blog about our Wii. December was a bad month for us. Everyone was getting sick, and one of the tires on the car blew out while I was on the way to work (we only have one car which is running). January didn't get better. Sally lost her debit card( but she knew it was in the house), the Wii broke, lay offs at work, the car needed new brakes, and I ended up with colon cancer. Zachary was more upset about the Wii then anything else. We bought the protection plan for the Wii but we couldn't find the receipt. We called Toys R Us where we purchased it from and they gave us the number to the warranty company. Sally called the company and they didn't have a record because we didn't register it. However, they said they would fix it one time for free. With everything going on with me, it took us a few weeks to send it in. One day Sally gets a phone call from the repair center. The technician informed her, he had found her debit card in the Wii. Who would have thought to check the Wii for the debit card. I guess we should have asked Kaitlyn if she knew where the card was.

In case you thought I was over exaggerating about Zach's room. I took a picture.

Today the CUBS took care of business. Ted Lilly pitched A one hitter. That hit came with two outs in the 7th inning. That's how it ended with only that one hit but, lou took him out that inning after he walked a batter. So Lilly combined with Guzman,Hellman and Gregg there was only the one hit for Colorado, the final being 4-0. Oh, and I heard something about the Sox may have won also. So for the Year the CUBS have 12 HRS ,batting avg of .256 scored 34 runs and have so far 54 hits. The Sox have 6 HRS, are batting.232 scored 24 runs and have 44 hits. Just for those who want to know.


  1. Bill, when discussing the Cubs numbers, you left off the most important number of all:



  2. The numbers I mentioned are current, not from past years.I could if you want mention the team with the most World Series apperances along with the most World Series wins. hint: not the Sox.