Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The day after the day after.

Today, Sally , myself and Kaity went to Cosco cause we needed to get her diapers , wipes and a few other things. Actually I like to go there for lunch. There is usually about a dozen people doing demos. You can easily get a full 10 course meal there if your lucky. Some of the things they have is very good and I have to go back and get more. The only thing is I have to change my appearance so they won't be on to me. Sometimes I will only have to change my voice. I have a few different ones that I use to trick my family and friends. That's because some of the demo people won't look at you. This makes it easier to get to the the gold. Some of the times I will act like I am going to give one of the samples to Kaity as to trick the Lady, but in reality I will take both samples and hide behind a display as to not attract attention to myself and make the lady mad that she was fooled . If I am really hungry and I usually am we will go to Sam's Club. They have a good spread too.

Today Sally and I were picking up Zachary from school. We will go there and wait in the car and he will go to the gate that separates the parking lot from the play ground. He will stay there until we call him and watch him cross over to us. This time I saw him standing there just looking around. I told Sally there is Zachary. I started to wave and call his name. He would look in our direction but, have a puzzled look on his face. It's a good thing that we got him new glasses. ( Yes, they were on). So we just sat in the car for about 20 minutes laughing at him. Then I felt bad and went and got him. This brings me to another related story that Sally and I used to do when we started dating. One date she couldn't stay out that late. So we decided to go to a place called Rodney's and have a few drinks. I parked the car and then we saw a older couple walk in. ( Look like they may have been in there 60's) ( not that, that mattered its just that this is were the younger crowd goes. its like a sports bar) I was in my early thirties ,but anyway we were sitting in the car thinking what there story was. Then more and more people were going in and coming out, and we would just sit there and joke about them. We thought maybe it was bingo night or something like that. This went on for about two hours or so. We never did get out of the car. That was one of the funnest and cheapest dates that I have ever had. Then I took her home and we sat in the driveway talking about her sisters. Just kidding Sandy, Susie and Stacie, maybe.Yes , my wife's name is Sally. They all have S's for there first names. I think that Sally's name is the most uncommon of her sisters. Every time I say my wife's name I have this urge to watch Charlie Brown. Any way that was a boring story but ,that was a fun time and I wanted to share. Thanks again for all the prayers and support, God Bless.


  1. Did you hear the story about when I picked Zachary up from school? That kid is in a world of his own! He walked out of school and right past me, so I started walking right next to him. He just kept walking, and singing! He never even noticed me walking right beside him. It was sooo funny! I don't know about that kid of yours, Bill. But I love him just the same!

  2. P.S. Would it have been better if my mom named me Bernadette like she originally planned?

  3. No, it would have broken up the trend. yes Zachary is a special kind of boy.

  4. LOL

    You're Barack Obama poll is going to be great!

    Just in case anyone is keeping track, here is a few facts:

    Obama promised transparency in his administration.

    He delivered a stimulus package that was 1100 pages long and gave congress 24 hour to vote on it.

    Obama promised all bills would be posted online for the general public to view before a vote was taken.

    He delivered a vote on the stimulus package without it being posted online even weeks after the vote.

    Obama promised line item checks and vetoes for earmarks.

    He delivered a budget with more than 10,000 earmarks and did not check or eliminate a single one.

    Obama promised he would have the most ethical administration ever.

    He delivered a cabinet with nearly one third being tax cheats.

    Obama, on the campaign trail, promised a 5,000 dollar per new worker hired tax credit for businesses.

    He delivered no such incentive. In fact, democratic senators said such a bill was dead before the election even got serious!

    Obama promised to create millions of new green jobs that would get America back to work.

    He failed to heed Spain’s warning that GREEN JOBS actually cost millions to create and cost millions of jobs in the workplace.

    Obama promised to get us out of Iraq in six months.

    He has delivered the same Bush policy of leaving the withdrawal scenario up to the military experts.

    Obama promised to close GITMO immediately!

    He has yet to free the terrorists….oh, I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to use that term anymore.

    Obama promised to buy his girls “a mutt, like him” to live with them in the White House.

    He delivered a pure breed.

    The only 2 campaign promises Obama has kept is to federally fund worldwide abortions and use human fetuses as scientific experiments for stem cell research. NOTE: adult and non-embryonic stem cells are the ONLY stem cells that have actually cured anything!

    Barack Obama isn’t a president! He’s a JOKE!

    The moron even allowed Air Force One to dive bomb New York and scare the citizens out of their wits! And if it weren’t for the TeleprompTer that this loser takes with him even when ordering Arby’s, he would make George W. Bush look like a GENIUS!

    Obama picked Joe Biden as his Vice President and Ole’ Joe said, “This campaign is about a three letter word; J…O…B…S…” Need I say more?????

    In 100 days, Obama has proven one thing; It's all about the hype! Substance means NOTHING in politics! Vote them all out of office! The House, The Senate, and the Prez. Let them live under the same laws they pass and support.

  5. Dan, are you going to be OK. It looks like I opened up a can of worms.

  6. LOL, I'm just funnin'...politics is my game, unfortunately.


  7. lol. thanks for mentioning my mom in your blog, she didn't read it yet, but she will be happy to know u think of her.