Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another fine day

Today was another good day. although I was still feeling tired most of the day and did take a nap I had no other issues. I hope it continues , because I am really enjoying my time with my family when I am feeling good.

Today Zachary had his second soccer game. His team did really well, They tied a team that was undefeated last year. Even though we aren't suppose to keep score. but we all do .

When we came home Sally and I were in the yard watching Zachary and Kaity playing in the yard with a bubble machine. Kaity got out her bubble lawn mower that she got from her Aunt Stacie and Uncle Tom for her birthday. She really enjoys it a lot. Later all the neighborhood kids came over and were playing in our yard with our kids. The kids didn't bother me cause I made sure I had my mean look on my face. (actually it was my I am really tired and I'm going in the house to take a nap look) So that is what I did, I took a nap and woke up and got ready to go and get my pump taken out. I feel a lot better when that is taken out. I am very self conscience of it. Sally says it doesn't bother her at all, but it makes me feel inferior. I will always try and cover it up, but anybody wants to see it I won't hesitate to show them. I want everyone to know what may be in store for them if they don't have regular check ups or get looked at if they are having an issue.

Today the mighty
CUBS won today. Aramiz Ramirez hit a two run walk off home run in the 11th inning against those nasty Cardinals. Lets hope the CUBS can continue to win in their division. It looks like they might be a tougher division this year. I notice the Pirates are whipping a few teams this year.

Last night Sally and I saw another good movie called Not Easily Broken. I also recommend this movie. It was good from beginning to end. So if you ever want to see a good movie that sends a good message watch this one.

I want to thank everyone for the positive feedback that I have been getting. It really makes me feel good that I am helping everyone that wants to understand what I and other cancer patients are going through. Just because we have been diagnosed with cancer doesn't mean life is over. To some of us it may be a beginning. It's just how we choose to deal with it that makes the difference. God Bless everyone and thank you for all the prayers.


  1. this is stephanie burge. i love zachary's glasses. i also enjoy reading your blog, it makes me smile. go cubs!!!!!! :)

  2. Thanks Stephanie. You are a cute girl. I heard you are not feeling to good yourself. Hope you feel better soon. Uncle Bill