Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good day- Bad day

Hi everyone ,
I feel allot more like myself today. This morning I had an appointment with the Gastric Doctor. I talked to him for about three minutes. He told me that I will be getting another Colonoscopy I was like YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!. Nothing like starting your day with great news like that.( read on my day gets better) That will take place on May 6th so mark your calendars of this special day. I also made the appointment with the thyroid specialist. That isn't until May 28. I left there and went and got my new glasses. My eye sight is getting worse but, not sure if its chemo or old age. Chemo is a side effect of your sight getting bad. So when this is over I will have to get them rechecked to see.

I had to go Avery to fax some paper work to Aetna. Before I was there I heard rumors that there were going to be more lay offs starting that day. Sure enough when I got there they were walking people out. I been through a lay off before when the dairy plant I worked at closed. (that was a blessing) They went deep in the employment,I heard about 80 people but I don't know for sure.Some were let go immediately some have until Sep 15 which is when our automotive contract is up. I heard that we aren't going to be in the automotive business anymore. With all the trouble they have been having it seems to make sense now but , later ? The department that I am in is in the metalure dept. which is the only dept that is making some money for the plant. Although two people from the machine I work on did get let go, one reason that I am safe now is obviously now I am on disability first and foremost. The second is that I am a lead operator. It is languaged in our regulations that leads are to be laid off last on a machine. So that saved me to when I go back. There are only lead operators left( 6 total) except for two other floater operators on my machine. So lets see what the future holds. I hope we do get busier. I do believe that what is happening is best for the company if your not making money.I know its not a popular move but, one that needed to be done to hopefully save the company in the long run.

Later that afternoon Sally and I volunteered our time to the Sisters of the Missionary of Charities. They were having a Easter party for some under privileged kids. Sally and I went there to help set up. They have a soup kitchen everyday except Thursday, that is there day of prayer and Sunday. They do feed the homeless everyday. Sally helped getting the munchies ready for the kids and I was in charge of the decorating and helping with hiding the Easter eggs. I get nervous around them because I do or say stupid things when I get nervous. I like to be somewhat of a wise guy and with them I don't think they will understand my humor. They are so funny sometimes though. I need to go there more so I get more use to them. That is all I going to write now. I need to spend some quality time with my wife. I love her so much!
God Bless you all !!

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  1. It really is amazing how much time you've been giving to charities while you are going through all that you are going through.

    I am off Friday, Saturday, and Sunday...which day would be the best day to stop by for a visit?

    Send me an e-mail: danlblankenship@sbcglobal.com