Saturday, April 25, 2009

I took Michael to a mock trial today. The criminology class that he is in does a mock trial every year. It consist of all the Hammond schools.( Gavit,Hammond, Clark,Morton and the Hammond Career Center morning and afternoon classes). The classes compete with one another until there is a winner. Last year Michael's class came in second. The Gavit debate team beat them. They did very well. Today, they were the defense. Michael played the lawyer. He did really well. They lost the court case but they won the trial part and will be competing next Saturday. The court case is based on an actual trial but the students do not know the out come. It's nice because the students actually participate and they learn how the court works. It is done in a court room with Judge Harkin. I really enjoy watching them. I might be watching the future laywers of tomorrow. Hopefully Michael will be one of them.

Zachary's soccer team tied again. I couldn't watch him play because it was at the same time of the trail. Sally said the coach commented on how well Zachary played today.

This morning I woke up to no hot water. The pilot light on the water heater went out. I tried several times to relight to no avail. I am glad I took a shower last night. Michael and Sally both had to take cold showers. Teaches them to go to bed smelly. My brother in law, Tom, came over today and put in a new thermal coupling. Thanks Tom! I really appreciate it. I got to wash dishes tonight. Not only will you be my car mechanic, you are my new handyman.

I have been experimenting with my Breville juicer. Sally gets on my case about not eating enough fruits and veggies so I took out the juicer. I am becoming brave and trying all sorts of things. Last night I had beet and radish juice. It actually wasn't that bad and I drank it all. Zachary looks forward to it when I take the juicer out. He's my little Igor. Next time I am going to throw in a juicy steak with potato's. See how that turns out. So next time when I have to go on a liquid diet I will have other alternatives. I hope everyone knows I have a dry sense of humor when I write my blogs. Take Care and God Bless you all!

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