Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Today I woke up really good and felt motivated around the house. I cleaned out the fridge and took apart the vacuum and cleaned that out as well. I have been tweeting today also. We just figured out how to add twitter to the blog. So look for it. I am also going to try to keep 2 surveys up at a time.

Dinner was early today. It consisted of Greek Avgolemono soup made vegetarian style. For those who may not know it's Greek style lemon rice soup. Made with vegetable stock, chopped celery and onions, orzo made by Italy's #1 brand of pasta, freshly squeezed lemon juice and eggs. Which blended together makes the creamiest soup to end all soups. Served with a hearty portion of mixed greens with home made poppy seed dressing.

This evening Zachary and I went to a Tenebrae service. I wanted to do something special today to reflect on Good Friday. I thought about going to the stations of the cross. However, Sally mentioned to me about a Tenebrae service at St. Thomas Moore in Munster. I never heard of one . I looked it up and found out it's suppose to be like a funeral service for Jesus. When I got to church there were lots of candles on the alter. I counted 68. When the service started there were a series of psalms and passages being read throughout the service. During this service periodically a bell would ring, and an alter boy would put out a flame on one of the candles. During the service the church continued to get darker until there was no more light. During the service I couldn't help but reflect what Jesus and the people in that time experienced. Even when we said the Lord's Prayer we had to whisper. At the end of the service we heard the sound of a boulder rolling over the tomb and all of a sudden there was a huge "BOOM". That was it. The priest and his helpers left the alter and everyone else got up and walked out. Zachary and me just followed. On the way out Zachary asked if he was good enough to get ice cream. It was really nice. I did get a lot out of it. I would like to go again next year.

My friend Al came over with home made tamales and chili rellenos. I can't wait to try Al said that his wife still owes me rice,so I don't know if I'm suppose to wait until I get the rice or not to eat it, but I have to wait until tomorrow since today is a day of fast. Have to go and help get the kids ready for bed. I rented "Yes Man" for Sally and I to watch tonight. God Bless you all!

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  1. Bill,
    I couldn't respond to the question about the cubs because there is no place for a negative number.
    Dave Gleason