Sunday, April 26, 2009


Last night before I went to bed I said the Rosary. When I finished I got ready for bed and suddenly I had needle pains in both feet. Similar to when you lost some circulation in your feet, and also kinda like the sensation I have with the Chemo side effect with cold things. I don't think it was the circulation issue cause my feet weren't asleep and it happened a little later as I was getting ready for bed. As for the feeling I get when I have the chemo it wasn't as severe as that but lasting allot longer then that. It just lasted for awhile and I couldn't fall asleep until it went away. It seems like it lasted for about 20 minutes or so. I have no idea what caused that. Other then that problem I feel great.

The kids are getting on my nerves a little bit today. I really don't know totally why. I think I am just in one of those moods today. It started partial when Zachary wasn't very good in church today and after church he had his faith formation and he again wasn't very good. I take going to Church very seriously and believe this is the time your suppose to dedicate to God. So when my two oldest aren't being tentative the way Sally and I have taught them to be, it will set the tone for the rest of the day. I don't think its allot to ask, its only one hour on Sunday. Another thing that really upset me a little (a lot) was at Zachary's Faith Formation I was drinking a cup of coffee. As I was enjoying my brew a boy moved his chair out so far that it hit my arm thus spilling my coffee all over the floor and my arm. He looked at me not saying a word. I looked at the kid and said "YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME" Thus still not getting a response from him.This child of God was in his teens so I figured he should know better. Maybe he felt like I deserved it. Then later I was walking to the snack table to get Kaity something to munch on. As I was approaching the table a Girl this time runs into me.( not walks but runs) Almost throwing me into the table of joy. Again looking at me not saying a word. ( maybe I had my mean look on my face) I just stood there staring at her waiting for something to come out of her mouth, but nothing.Is it just me or do most kids today seem to be rude. I hope that it is just me. After that I just went and stood in the corner with my nose to the wall thinking it must have been my fault.

It's just funny since being diagnosed, I am really trying to be closer to God. I have always been going to Church and Praying and trying to be a compassionate person before the diagnosis. Now that I have been dealt this card I am a different person. I really don't get as bent out of shape like I use to. Now that I pray more I feel more at ease. ( until today-Hey, I'm human) I am really enjoying my time with my family.(until today) I want to do more with the Sisters of Charities. I would like to do other charitable things too. I really look forward to each and everyday. Before I got sick it was like what do I have to get done today. I don't get stressed like I used too. The things that I need to get done I know I will get done eventually. I really don't like to rant like this but, it was a very strange day. This will be it for today. God Bless you all and thanks for listening.


  1. Hi Bill,
    I am thinking the pins and needle sensation in your feet is chemo related. It tends to come and go, progressively coming more frequently as you get further into chemo. I finished chemo in Jan and I still have that sensation in both hands. My oncologist called it neuropathy and it could take a long time to go away, if ever!

    Sorry for your challenging day with kids!


  2. Thank you for the message.That was just the first time that it lasted so long. Usually it goes away within minutes. I hope you are doing great,and that everything is good with you.
    Thanks again,Bill

  3. "Then later I was walking to the snake table to get Kaity something to munch on."

    Kaity eats snakes? Ewwwwwwww! I didn't know you were Southern ya'll let them snakes at least take a bite of you first?


    That website listed above deals with getting closer to God. I found it very interesting, and very easy to read. Check it out.

  5. hey bill i think you're entitled to "days like this" once in awhile, in fact i think everyone in your household is entitled to them as you are ALL experiencing things that most people never have to endure and it's gonna get to all of you once in awhile one way or another. the thing i have noticed is that you get yourself up out of it fairly quickly and THAT too is a healthy sign. as for kids these are surely not alone (sadly) in thinking that they don't have the manners nor respect that in my opinion, they should have. and let's not eve get me started with the blame for this. just know that your children and i certainly hope my children too, and probably many of their friends do for the most part have manners and more often than not do show respect. with that...i'll close but not before also stating that it can be a combination of the weather and the cubs that can be adding to your mood too. let's hope we see some improvement on this road trip! you have a blessed day/week/month/forever and hang in there, you're ALL going through alot these days.just know that prayer is always on its way to your home and your family. blessings always, deb:)

  6. Deb, Thank you for the understanding and kind words. This rant was just to let everyone know that I am still a person and still have emotions. I try to be possitive about everything but somedays it hard.This is just a part of my day same times. It's not always rosey.

  7. Yes, if there is one thing I'm sure of, it's that you are being prayed for by many people!!!!