Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not much to say today so I will begin by telling about one of my favorite childhood memories. Which is going to the Little Calumet river and pounds in the area catching turtles with my big brother Mike. I was about 7ish when he started taking me. We would be gone for hours. We had a wadding pool we would put turtles, fish, crawdads, and tadpoles. I would go outside for hours and watch them in the pool. One time when I was littler I gave them cement because, I thought they were hungry. I thought the cement was food.( I mentioned the story in a earlier blog) The turtles were my favorite. When I was a little older I would go out with my friend Paul. We would be gone sometimes at least half of the day. It was a lot of fun. We would be in the river up to our belly buttons. When he got home we would have to spray ourselves off because we would be covered with mud and duckweed. It was worth it. In the winter I would keep the turtles in a 40 gallon fish tank in the house. I miss those days. This summer I would like to take Zachary looking for turtles. To this day when I pass the river or see a creek or pound I will stop to look for turtles.
Today, I spent most of my day in Zachary's room. It's cleaned for the most part. I still have things that I still needed to do from when he painted his room. Plus I need to find someone to fix an outlet that shorted out when the ceiling fan was installed. Zachary was happy to see his room. He wanted to have a bunch of his friends over today. We have been telling him for the past couple of months no friends until his room gets cleaned. Now the living room is a mess because Sally is washing and sorting through Zachary's and Kaity's clothes.
I went today for my blood work. I go for chemo tomorrow. I hope and pray it's not as bad as last time. I was miserable. Zachary and Sally picked up their new glasses today. Zachary looks really cute in them. I guess mine are taking longer because I ordered bi-focals. My distance is fine, I told them I needed glasses for reading. So instead of me taking my glasses on and off I ordered bi-bifocals. Sally has been working on her mom's taxes and has been occupying the computer today.
Cubs and Sox both loss today. Makes me feel better that the Cubs didn't get their a$$ kicked as bad as the Sox did.
CUBS Lost 5-2 sox lost 9-0
Goodnight and God Bless everyone.


  1. Uh...where's her diaper?

  2. She's 2 is old. She's been potty trained since her birthday.


  4. Am I supposed to be potty training her?!