Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Michael and me many years ago. I was one handsome man with my mustache.

I am still not feeling 100%. Not sure if it's because I skipped that week for chemo or because I had the stomach flu a couple of weeks ago. Whatever it is, it stinks. I went to the eye doctor this morning. I was having trouble reading. I am looking forward to getting my glasses so I can read the stack of magazines and books I have waiting. Hopefully now I can work on the model air
plane Zachary is so patiently waiting to help me.
I went to work to take care of some things. It was great seeing the people from work. On the other hand it's hard on me to. I wish I could be back at work. It's just another reminder that I am a sick man.
Cubs won yesterday! What a good way for them to begin the season. I hope this is a reflection for the rest of the season.
Tonight's dinner was pasta e
fagioli soup. This delicious soup was made with freshly chopped mild onion, celery, grated sweet carrots, minced garlic, freshly chopped basil and parsley which were all grown in the country I love. Imported from Italy small pasta shells. Simmered in tomato juice and chicken broth. Cooked until the pasta was el dante. Served with perfectly baked home made bread. The crust was crisp yet the inside was soft and airy.

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