Thursday, April 30, 2009

The day after the day after the day after I think'

Today I had my chemo (5Th one) session today. So far I am feeling good, just a little tired. When they took me off of there pumps and put me on my take home pump I got up to leave my legs were very stiff like I just got done doing some jogging.(yes, I know how that feels) My feet and my hands had some muscle spasm type pain in them for a while but, it is gone now. I was told that was a very normal chemo side effect. Sally and I came home and I cooked steaks on the grill that my mom gave us about a month ago. They turned out very tender and juicy. They were from Omaha Steaks. I used to order from them when I was living the bachelor life. The thick cut pork chops are very good too.

Tomorrow, Me, my friend Dan, and Tom guys I work with at Avery and Tom's son Cody are going to the Cubs game tomorrow. The tickets were given to us from the finest management team at Strack and Van til's . I really appreciated there generosity. Strack and VanTil's is the official grocery store of Bill's Life with Cancer Blog by the way. So I hope you will patronize them they do alot for our community also.

I have a confession to make to my co- workers on the Metalizer at Avery. A few years ago when we were doing our week long Preventative Maintenance I was working in the Pump area of the machine, About 6 of my other co- workers including John and Ed who were the maintenance guys the others if I remember correctly was Alan, John, Joe and I think Dan M. ,They were working on the oven. Just to let you know Sally fed me pasta the night before for dinner. Pasta is a Carb and Carbs sometimes will do things to my body I really don't feel right talking about . I was cleaning the area I was in and they were doing there thing on the oven. I had a slight flatulence problem that day. Something ugly escaped from my body. I figured it was At least thirty feet from my nearest co-worker and I had nothing to worry about,wrong. About 2 minutes after the escape I heard Alot of commotion coming from the oven area. I went to see what was going on and didn't see anybody there. After further investigating I saw everyone standing at the other end of the room holding there noses and looking a little pale.I was thinking it couldn't have been that bad, so I went back to work. I made sure they didn't notice me busting a gut. I heard some of them yelling at Joe. Asking him what he ate or what crawled inside of him and died. We finally went back to work after the cloud has cleared. Like I said, I had a serious problem that day. So again something bad happened and again after a few minutes everyone took off again to seek clean air at no avail. I really felt kinda bad for Joe cause everyone really believed he was the Mad Gasser. He tried to tell everyone but,no one would listen. Because I was in my own area, I'm not sure if anyone knew I was in the room at the time. This was going on for a while. We really didn't accomplish much that day. I was laughing so Hard I had to leave for a while. I am sorry Joe got blamed and led everyone to believe Joe did it but, Joe did have issues every once in a while. So to justify me not saying anything ,I couldn't say with any uncertainty that Joe didn't do it. So I left it alone until now.

Until tomorrow God Bless you all and have a great start to your weekend. 80's coming next week.


  1. Please tell me you did not have pasta tonight!

    It's a long car ride up to Wrigley if there's traffic!

  2. Yahhhhoooooooooo! Treatment #5 is done, finished and out of the way!!
    How's your mouth doing? You are about where I was at when mine started to go bad- first symptom was it was just sore. Not quite like a sore throat, more sore on the inside of the cheeks. Wasn't red or white patches, just sore. Hurt to eat like toast. That was when I should have started the warm salt water rinses. I just didn't know..within a week the inside of my mouth, checks, gums, tongue were so swollen, couldn't even get my lips open for them to look inside. Was in the hospital for 5 days with that!
    I will be thinking about you Bill over the next several days, praying you through the weekend!


  3. So far the only problem I have with my mouth is drinking cold things. I have a hard time with taste if what I am drinking is to cold and my mouth has that tingling mouth full of mints sensation. I also when I first start to eat something my jaws will cramp up but, that will only last a matter of seconds. The other issue I have with my mouth is I keep stuffing it.I have gained back over 20 pounds since starting chemo. I am doing my exercises as much as I am able to. I know the doctor doesn't want me to loose weight but, I don't want to gain a lot either. Patty thank you for your post keep them coming.

    No, Dan we our safe. only steak last night and no sides of pasta. Can beans and cabbage make you gassy,hmmm