Saturday, April 11, 2009


See all the eggs Zachary got. He got three eggs the same Kaity got. Usually he will be mad if he doesn't do good but, this time he didn't care. Zach and Kaity really enjoyed it. I think Griffith has the best Easter egg hunt in the area. Some towns you have to live there,Griffith you don't.

Today the blog was posted early cause we have a lot to do to prepare for the coming of the Easter Bunny. We will be coloring eggs later and Sally has some running around to do. We are planning on going to the 8pm mass service at St James which is the church we belong to. Today is another day that I feel really good and motivated. I really hope this continues cause next week I am planning on going in Zach's room to clean it up. You literally can't see the floor. He has so many toys he plays with and doesn't put away. In a few months or so we our planning on having a yard sale to get rid of some of the toys amongst other things. He is actually excited to do this because, than he knows he will get money to buy more toys. ( mainly Star Wars stuff)

I think some of you need to change your survey answers to your Sox questions to no way no how. Again losing to teams in there own division. These are games they must win to win the central division. At least they got a couple of Home runs.( Konerko-Quentin)( three for the team for the year in 4 games) I will say one thing the Cubs aren't exactly tearing up the league either. They are hitting the homers( 7 for the team in 4 games) but, need to work on getting the little hits also. What made Lou put this Kevin Gregg as a closer. He has a 13.50 era. For a closer this is definitely baaaaaaaaad. I hope he gets better as the Year progresses or the Cubs will have a long year as well as the 1-3 team on the South side. There is a opening in Griffith's T-Ball league for another team. I think the Sox may be more competitive there.

If I could be any spider I would want to be a Brown Recluse Spider. They are loners rebels so to speak just like me. They keep to themselves but, will bite if threatened. I thought of being a Black Widow Spider instead , but it is only the female Spider that is poisonous. The males are wusses and get eaten up by there female counterparts . The Brown Recluse Spider bite isn't as bad as a Black Widow bite but, it still can cause itchiness,chills,fever, nausea and vomiting. Kinda like the way I feel when I think about the White Sox.

I hope everyone is enjoying the blog as much as I am writing it. I hope you like the If I could be any (?) segments cause I like to do different things to keep it a little more interesting. I hope you all have a Great Easter and remember why we all celebrate it. Jesus is the reason for the Season so God Bless and love you all!!!!


  1. Suggested future survey:

    Why will the Cubs not be in the World Series again this year?

    A) Because of the goat.
    B) Because of the black cat.
    C) Because of Steve Bartman.
    D) Because of day baseball.
    E) Bacause they are the Cubs.
    F) Because they want to keep the "Lovable Loser" moniker.
    G) Because of a Brown Recluse Spider.

    Mike ...actually, I hope that they make it.

  2. I may consider this. Along with one for the Sox

  3. "If I could be any spider I would want to be a Brown Recluse Spider."

    Dude, you're weird!

  4. Weird can be good.It keeps people wondering whats going to happen next.