Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Today, I am not much better. I do not feel like eating, plus I am tired and miserable. Tomorrow is my little girl's 2nd birthday. I hope I am feeling better. Zachary had an eye exam after school. I pushed myself to go. I wanted to make sure my pumpkin got the coolest glasses in case he had to get them. His eyes changed a lot since his appointment in June. He will have to wear glasses all the time. Zachary was not thrilled at all. Zachary and I wanted him to get a pair of spiderman glasses but they were small on him. His glasses aren't cool but they do look good on him. There is not much of a dinner menu. I had left over soup for dinner tonight. Sorry this is short. I am drained. Plus I have to assemble a toy for Kaity's birthday. I hope I have more to say tomorrow. Good night everyone. God Bless.


  1. Well I am praying hard that you have a much better day today!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glasses aren't so bad...I've had them my whole life, and I'm still a stud!

  2. Well I also have glasses and the stud factor is, well it would be a lot better if I had the 'Spiderman' glasses.

    Get some rest Bill and enjoy the B-day.

  3. Cute pictures of the kids.

    Hope your doing better. I wonder if you should let your doctor know how your feeling? Normally your rebounding from the chemo by now.

    I'll see you on Sunday, about 2:30. Some friends from church gave me an envelope for you. Don't let me forget to give that to you.