Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm back

Hi , It's me I'm back and feeling a little better. I don't feel as nauseated as I did in the last few days. I just feel very tired like I just got done jogging. My legs feel a little stiff and sometimes I will get toe cramps . All I ate so far today was carnation instant breakfast. For dinner today I will try and eat some soup. This is the worst I felt since starting the chemo so I hope this was only because I had to miss a week because I got sick. I know when the weather gets better I will be better too. I love to be outside and being inside makes me go stir crazy. I was at Avery today for a little while cause I had some business to take care of. I wasn't there very long but hope maybe later this week to visit longer with the people I work with. I didn't go in the production area only the office area. I believe the Machine I work on is doing Preventative Maintenance this week so I will try and visit.
Let me tell you about how Sally and I met. First of all my Mom and her Mom were friends since our younger sisters were in the first grade. Our moms would take them out and do things together when they were younger. I was in Sally's older sister's class in junior high. Sally babysat my sisters a few times. When Michael was little my sister Lisa watched Michael a few times. So our families go way back. The funny thing is Sally and I never met. We both heard stories about one another, knew each other's moms and some of the siblings yet we never met.
My mom was on the quest to make sure we were all married before she died. She didn't want me to be alone. I was quite content with my single life. I enjoyed my freedom. My mom was persistent though. She wanted me to go out on date with Mary's daughter Sally. She kept nagging me to call Sally. I finally caved in to keep her quiet. I called Sally right after New Years in 1994. We talked for a long time and I told her I would call her back. I never told her when I would call back. I didn't call her back until the spring of the following year. Of course it was after I continually heard from my mom to call Sally back. So I finally called Sally and we talked for a long time again. But in the conversation I will swear Sally said "I wish you would just leave me alone". Sally to this day swears she never said this but I heard what I heard and my hearing never serves me wrong. So I didn't call her back. However, my mom still insisted I go out for coffee and cake with Sally (I felt like I was taking a grandma out). So I finally called her again in November. We talked for a long time and I asked her if she would like to go out with me and she said OK. Sally wasn't interested in a relationship either. Michael was little and she devoted most of her free time to him. Plus she enjoyed going out with her friends. She was going to school full time and working part time at Omni Finer Foods (Dominicks). I did have the upper hand though. Sally had no clue what I looked like but I went to her work and scoped her out. My mom said Sally looked angelic. That description almost made me not to want to go out on a date. The first time I laid eyes on her I thought she was so hot she could melt ice. I think Sally felt the same way about going out on a date with me also.( not the hot melting ice part) Something you don't want to do but did it to make others happy.
On November 25th, 1995 we finally went on our first date. I wanted to keep the date local so I could take her home quickly if I didn't like her. She lived in Highland and I lived in the same house I live now in Griffith. So we lived about a mile apart. The date was for the movies. I was working midnights at the dairy and I was hungry and asked if she didn't mind if we went to Jedi's first. She claimed to have already eaten and ordered just a bowl of lemon rice soup and I ordered a BLT sandwich. I must say I was really nervous for not wanting to go out with her. After dinner I believe the movie we saw was Tommy Boy . We had a good time thing that almost ended the date was when she came out of the women's restroom she had a piece of toilet tissue stuck to her shoe. I remember this little kid just laughing. Wondering what he was laughing at until he started pointing at Sally's feet with this three foot piece of toilet tissue stuck to her shoe. I tried to stay at least five feet ahead of her as not to bring attention to myself. She kept catching up with me. I finally told her to walk ahead of me.Not telling her why. I tried to step on the tissue to release it from her shoe. It was hard cause she was walking and I was having a hard time stepping on it. It looked like I was trying to do the splits. Finally I had to tell her so I could remove the pesky tissue. After that we went to the Back Door Lounge and downed few test tube shots and shot some darts. I almost fell out of the my chair a couple of times not because I was drunk but because the chairs were flimsy ( I got drunk later). That was the start of my life with Sally. We will be married 11 years this coming June and together over 13 years.


  1. I read the whole thing...word for word. Glad you're feeling better.

    Hope to be able to visit again, soon.

  2. i just luv hearing stories about how people first met! :) did she REALLY have toilet paper stuck to her shoe? you really tell some good stories...keep 'em coming! cya, deb:) hey, isn't there another birthday coming up in your house? :)

  3. All stories told are true to the best of mine and Sallys knowlege.I did have a pretty amazing life with some fairly unique stories.Yes, Sally had toilet paper stuck to her shoe. Yes I did almost pull my quad trying to release it.Bill