Monday, April 27, 2009

The day after my rant

Today I took my daughter with me just to go to a few places to get ideas for Mommy for mothers day. I Still have my birthday money that I received to help get the item that Sally deserves. It was a fun day with Kaity. I had to go to Menards first to pick up something and as we turned into the parking lot she started to scream with happiness. I guess she thought we were at the mall. She is really starting to be a Daddys little girl. Yesterday, I was standing by my kitchen and she just came up to me and hugged my leg. It just made me smelt like ice on a hot summer day.

I cleaned out the drawer on the hutch we have in the kitchen today. It probably hasn't been cleaned or sorted through since Sally and I have been married. So because I made such a mess with the stuff in the drawers and put it all on the table and didn't want to stop until I was done, Sally and I decided to get something cheap to eat for dinner. We went to a place called J's Pea pods. I now know what my name is in Chinese. At least I hope it was my name. When I went in to pick it up I said order for Bill. The lady went in the back and said order for somhungboy or something like that. The food there is very good.We been there before and like it alot. There are two of them and both are located in Lansing.

I want to apologize for crying like a girly man in yesterdays blog. Although I try to keep a positive attitude about everything some things will set me off like rudeness. Just to name one.

I remember another rude story that happened to me when I was in Elementary school at Johnston in Highland. We were having A Fun Fair at the school one day. I was there doing all the things that were available for me to do.I especially liked the cake walks.( surprise there ) It seemed like myself and my brothers and sister( before Carolyn and Lisa were born) would win alot. By the way I think this is the first time that I am telling this story. Even Sally doesn't know about it. Like I said I was walking around doing all the things that were available for me to do. There I was walking around and all of a sudden this guy just starts literally yelling at me. There I am pacing around this one spot trying to ignore this guy who is yelling at me. I'm thinking what the heck is this guys problem. This guy wouldn't let up. Then other people joined in. I was thinking did I beat up these peoples kids or something and there out to get me. As I was getting ready to make my quick getaway.( I was called speedy Bill remember) This little kid came up to me and said "Hey, dude your standing in throw up" Needless to say that was my cue for my speedy getaway. I did not stop until I got home.

I hope you enjoy that embarrassing moment of many that I have had. Like I said in an earlier blog I had a very unique childhood that I would not change for anything. For the good times and the bad it all shaped my childhood and made me the person(goof) that I am today.

Take care and God Bless you all and thanks for all the prayers and kind words of support.


  1. hey that was a good story. same thing happened in kindergarden to me, but i was the throw upper, and this boy named evan has held it against me for a long time

  2. he holds it against me because, well...... i threw up on his picture

  3. Bill,
    You're becoming quite the storyteller.

    That's a good thing.