Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I love my house

Last night Kaity woke up about 5AM crying. Sally took her and was trying to calm her down. Nothing seemed to work. She took her out of our room to try and rock her but, nothing seemed to work. So she came back in our room and seemed to calm down a little ,but started crying again. Than I realized that I had my S shirt on. I said to Kaity if she wanted to come to Daddy and she raised her hands in the air and shifted to me, it was like ooooooooooohhhhhh Yeaaaaaaa. I took her in the living room and just sat on the couch cuddling her. She immediately started to calm down and that made me feel ooooh sooo good. Lately she has been my little peanut. I hope when I return to work that it doesn't change. I remember doing this with Zachary also. He was always my Pumpkin. I didn't really realize until Zachary was about two that, that was what my biological Dad use to call me. My parents were divorced when I was very little , not sure of what age but, guessing about two or three. I do have a Step Dad who is really a great guy and I know if he could he would do anything for myself and my family. He and my mom have been there a lot already. I don't have a lot of memories of my biological father cause he did die when I was young.( about 9-10) One of my memories of my dad though, was he would always say" after bed". Which is what he would say meaning later on. One time on the 4th of July I was asking him if we could light off some fire works.His response was "after bed". I was always wondering why I had to take a nap first. I thought for a while and figured I needed to be alert if the fire works would go crazy and go after me and I had to be extra speedy to be able to out run them, so I needed the rest. So finally I asked him if I could go and take my nap now to get it over with. I remember him looking at me with a look like what are you talking about. So I explained what he has been telling me, and how I have to be speedy, ( actually some of my brothers friends use to call me speedy Bill) He laughed at me and finally told me that it just had to be a little more darker outside.

Since I was up so early with Kaity didn't get back to sleep until about 5:45 Sally took Michael and Zachary to school. So she let me sleep in until 11am. I woke up and ate something and played with my peanut for a little while and started to deep clean the kitchen. I was still seeing those ants here and there. The dishes were on the table for a few days cause I didn't want to put them back until I know they were gone. Since I was still seeing a few of them and got tired of that ,I took everything out of all the cabinets even if I didn't see anything in them to clean them out. I also cleaned all the counter tops, stove, microwave ,walls and anything I could think of. So now I am taking a break and so far I don't see anything. We seem to get the ants when it rains alot and it did for about three days straight. We live in a slab house and I know those houses are prone to have ant issues especially after long rains. Alot of our neighbors tell us they have the same problems. Our next door neighbor say they have big problems with spiders. I should ask my brother in law Tom if he could come over and help combat them. (he hates spiders)So its not that we are dirty we just live in crappy houses.

I am going to eat and going to take Kaitlyn outside. She keeps saying side side. Meaning she wants to go outside. So I will have to do that for my little girl. I will have to take her on the bike seat she really enjoys that and then to the park perhaps. So I will end this blog now and hope all you have a great day and a better rest of the week. God Bless you all!


  1. I'm sure Tom will be honored that he was mentioned in your blog, even if it meant that you told everyone his fear. Nice job! Isn't Kaity speaking in complete sentences yet? Holley was doing that before she turned two. Hmmmm..... :P

  2. i liked your blog today. how's the beer bread?

  3. Beer bread has been very good to me.
    Yes, Kaity does speak in sentences but she is our little girl and we don't want her to grow up to fast. So we do encourage some small talk because she is so cute. Although just the other day Kaity and I were talking about Darwin's theory of evolution.We both disagree with it.