Friday, April 24, 2009

Another fun day with kids

Today was a beautiful day. Glad I am feel well and able to enjoy it. Zachary's school had a walk-a-thon for a fund raiser. Kaity and I went to walk with his class. Sally is one of the room moms and does all the activities. It's nice that I am able to participate now that I am not working. As soon as I got there (I guess because I was the only dad) I was given a boy who had to stay with me at all times because he had gotten in trouble early in the day. Him, Zachary, and another boy were dragging behind but they did well. It was a long walk. We walked over an hour. We walked on the path and in the residential area as well. While we were walking I heard the roar of a bunch of kids laughing. I looked and in a yard there was a statue who's top half was exposed. I remember those days when I was a young lad. You could say the word butt and I would break out with laughter.

This evening I went to my niece's Chloe's 7th birthday party with Zachary. We went to my sister's house first for pizza and cake. Then we went to see a play. Zachary and my nephew Evan were the only boys there. It was funny watching Evan trying to show off for the girls. They did a craft and Zachary's hands got all green. We washed them and we can't get them clean. Hope it wears off soon.Maybe next Halloween he can go as the Hulk if they don't come out. After the cake and Ice cream we went to a play for the kids called The Life and Times of Junie B. Jones. It was a very good kids play that everyone enjoyed. After the show the characters came out to greet the kids which I thought was really nice. When they came out all you heard was kids screaming with delight. Like they just saw Miley Cyrus. I wanted to get my picture taken with the character that was Junie. As I was sliding my way in for the photo one of the kids tripped me and I went rolling down the aisle. When I looked up it was my own son standing there laughing at me then he started to hum the theme to Lassie. Actually that didn't happen but I wouldn't doubt my son doing that if he had the opportunity.

I think life is to short not to have fun and laugh. I don't mind laughing at myself either. I asked Sally to think of a memory for me to write. So here it is but it's at my expense. I have always been fascinated with ghost. When I was around 10 my mom had a hand bell and it rang. No one was around and it was the strangest thing.It was shortly after my Dad died. I have read lots of books on haunted places in our area and at one time Sally and I joined a paranormal group (this was way before "Ghost Hunters"). One sunny Sunday afternoon Sally and I took Michael to Lincoln Park Zoo. (This was before the little ones and the same time I was involved in the group. The zoo is known to be haunted.) We were walking back to the car when I noticed a bike. There was no one on the bike and it was moving. I pointed it out to Sally and Michael. I told them "look at the ghost bike!". About the same time Sally and Michael looked, I followed the bike with my eyes as it went up the hill and then I heard Sally and Michael burst out in to laughter. The bike was attacked to a roof of a car. When I first spotted the bike I couldn't see the car because of the dip but as it drove up the car was visible. Sally and Michael will never let me live it down. We were at Lincoln Park Zoo last summer with a couple of guys I work with. They kept bringing it up. Not sure what was worst the ghost bike being mentioned or the 2 turtles having some fun.

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  1. Funny stories and good times. Where's the picture of you and Junie?

    Man was it WINDY down here in Lowell last night!