Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today I woke up and wanted to just do something. I decided to go with Kaitlyn to Target and look for a video that she could dance to cause she loves to dance. No matter what she is doing if she hears music on TV especially one from a cool commercial she will stop what she is doing and go dance crazy. So that is what I did today for her and I found one I know she will like. It was the Wiggles" You make me feel like Dancing"She likes the faster paced songs, just like her Daddy. Then after that I took her to see her Grandma yo and Grandpa. It was a nice visit, she did a lot of coloring and playing with all the millions of toys has at her disposal. One thing though she did clean up a little bit before we left. She is a very helpful little girl.

When I got home I gave Father Rookey a call. Father Rookey is the Servite for the International Compassion Ministry. People from all over call him to have him pray with them over the phone.He used to do this prayer service to the public but, now is up there in age and as far as I know he only does this over the phone . He isn't able to get around as much now. He is believed by many to have help cure illnesses and whatever they may need help with. This is all well documented and well know throughout the world. It is something that I believed could and will help me with my cancer. It definitely couldn't hurt. If you are interested Tel, 708-748-6279 or

This is something that I noticed about Zachary. He likes to hum aaaaaaallllll the time. No matter what he is doing he has a different hum for it. He'll be eating,doing his homework, playing with legoes or is cars it doesn't matter he has a hum for it. It's like OK Professor Andy how bout some toe nail picking hum music please and he will have a unique hum for it. I thought I would share that with you so when my kids get older my kids will say wow dad liked to embarrass us. Its not that it just when you have more time on your hands you just notice more of the cute things they do. Zachary has a very unique mind. Some of the things that boy comes up with blows me away some times.

Today with some of the running around I did I must have lost the car a couple of times not remembering were I left it. That happened to me almost 20 years ago at Sears at River Oaks. My sister Carolyn and I went there shopping for things. When we were leaving we were in the parking lot going to the car but, the car was gone. I was walking around that lot for what seemed like hours looking for this sharp looking jet black Grand Am. I just got a new alarm put in and I was thinking what good that did cause by this time I thought the car was gone. I had my hand in the air pushing the button on the alarm to make the alarm noise so I would know were it is. I was waiting for Alan Funt to come out and say your on Candid Camera but, he never did.I just started to walk all over the Sears parking lot with panic but , trying to stay cool for my sister. After walking around like I said what seemed like an hour I did find it finally at the farthest part of the other side of the parking lot. By this time it had about three layers of dust and rust all over it but, it still ran. See not only am I embarrassing my kids but, I have no problem doing it to myself.Tomorrows blog may be done later cause I have a few things going on tomorrow. I hope you like the little stories I tell. There just memories that I think about every now and then and like to share.

Thanks for visiting the blog and God Bless you all.

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