Sunday, April 12, 2009


Sally is still trying to work on this blog to make it more efficient. She added a guest book tonight. It ables guest to leave messages instead of leaving comments after the blogs. The comments can be made public or private. Feel free to check it out and leave a message. I would love to hear feedback about your likes and dislikes with my blog. Anything that can help to improve this will be appreciated .

We went last night to the Easter Vigil. We have never been to one and heard nice things about it. So we decided to go. It was at 8 O'clock at night. Plus we thought it would be nice to enjoy Easter morning without trying to rush the kids for mass. Kaity was all dressed up in her fancy sandals, hat, and what ever else Sally had on her. She looked like a southern bell. I Was waiting for Sally to pull out a parasol for her to carry. Well, Kaity had problems walking in her new sandals and kept falling. She fell twice during mass both times she hit her head and started crying loudly. We sat near the front and there were very few children so everyone kept looking at us. It was very nice. During the first half it was dark. During part of the darkness we had candles lit. The darkness, helped me from being distracted from looking around. The service was over 2 hours long. We left near the end because Kaity and Zach had enough. We didn't get a chance to take pictures of the kids dressed up but will be doing that soon to post on the blog.

This morning Zachary was the first one up. He left us alone while he found his basket and looked through it. Kaity was interested in Zachary's basket at first until she realized she had her own. She sat down on the floor and started to devour the candy. The morning was nice and relaxing. The first holiday in awhile we didn't have to rush around. My brother Mike and his family and my sister Dawn and her husband Dave came over and visited. It was nice seeing them. Dave I hope you don't mind the earlier post but the people must know. After everyone left, we took the kids to Olive Garden for dinner. The manager of Olive Garden in Merriville, Rob, has been generous. He donated a $50 gift card and bread sticks for the benefit. In addition to that he had invited my family to have dinner there. We were allowed to order anything we wanted on a condition that we didn't tip. They would tip the waitress for us. We were told that the more we ordered the larger the tip the waitress would get. The kids and I were on line looking at the menu. Planing our plan of attack. It was a huge treat for the kids since they are rarely allowed to order pop and we never order appetizers or desserts. Everyone left beyond full. I had to pull over to unbutton my pants on the way home. We have always liked Olive Garden but really like them even more. From what I have heard Rob, has done this to many unfortunate people. I don't think this will be an Easter the kids will forget. Here is something that happened when we left. While we were pulling out the of parking lot there was a man on the corner asking for help. Sally and I have tried to teach our kids to help out others with out judgement. When we see a situation we try to use it as a lesson. I did good this time. This is a lesson of all lessons. So we are sitting at the traffic light which has 2 turning lanes. There was no one behind me and no one in the other lane. I am trying to pull my wallet out of my overstuffed jeans ( It took a few mins or so). I finally got the wallet out and I was just about to roll down the window and get the guy's attention, when I heard a car honking at me when the light turned green. I looked behind me and there was a car behind me that didn't even stop yet. It irked me so I rolled down the window and called the man over to get the money. I had time to leave on the yellow light but the car behind me got stuck by the light. Teaches him to be impatient. Ok maybe my good deed was over turned by my vindictiveness but my intent was honorable. It was worth a good laugh and another memory made that my kids won't forget.

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  1. I see the Cubs beat the Brewers tonight...even after they tried to give away the game in the 9th inning.

    What I like about the BLOG is how you realy get in to the detail of almost every topic.

    Oh, by the way, at church today, Pastor Brian talked about loving our neighbors even if they are lowly White Sox fans...Grrrrrrr!!!!! He's just so funny...

    Somebody know where I can get a White Sox blanky.