Friday, April 17, 2009

Today I am beat. I woke up and took Zachary to school and went back to bed shortly after. I slept until 2. I am still tired. Even though I am tired, I can't sit still and do nothing. My brother gave me a child's bicycle seat and I installed it on my bike. Thanks Mike , it will get a lot of use this summer. It was such a nice day, I didn't want to stay in the house. I tested Kaity on the seat and she loved it. So Zachary and I with Kaity rode our bikes to the park. Zachary had fun playing with the other kids. Kaity had fun going on the slide. As was watching Kaity going down the slide constantly there was one little boy there that would not leave me alone. I would talk to him cause I don't won't to be rude to him , but like I said I was keeping an eye on Kaity and she would was always be on the move. The little kid was like a booger that was on your finger that you just couldn't get rid of, no matter how much you tried to flick it off. ( not that I have had that problem before just what other people have mentioned to me) Finally one time he came up to me and said Hey Man, I am big and I could cuss. I said you better not cuss around me and my kids. and than I walked away from him and he didn't come by me anymore. than other little Kids showed up and they were all coming to me and jumping off of stuff and saying look at me, look me. That was when I decided we needed to go far away, so we went home.
The Cubs won today 8-7. That always makes me feel better. Sox are playing later so I have no score. I believe there going to lose.
I wanted to suggest a couple of movies I had recently watched. The first one is "Fire Proof". Every married couple should watch it in my opinion. Kirk Cameron was a lead actor in it. Not a very good actor in my opinion. I would even suggest buying a copy to watch on occasion. The second movie I strongly suggest is "Faith Like Potatoes". It's based on a true story. A very up lifting movie. Both movies are not the typical movies I normally watch but I thought they were very good and taught good lessons. I give both movies two thumbs up.

I will ask Sally to post a picture of Zachary and his new glasses tomorrow. People have been asking about him and the glasses.


  1. first of all i would like to comment about the picture..ADORABLE! secondly, i was wondering if you happened to notice if any of those kids who were hanging around you had parents there with them? i'm gonna guess the answer is no and that they are not as blessed as your children are in that their dad truly takes an interest in all they do and shows them attention. you are a great dad bill! you really are! those kids sensed that in you and simply wanted some of your time and attention. finally, i just wanted to thank you for sharing your family with us in the ways that you do as well as the unselfish way you share all that you are experiencing...your "spirit" lifts me up many times and i sincerely am amazed at the determination you show even when you are exhausted! endless blessings to you and yours!
    that was one HECK of a Cub game today and we have 2 more of them against these darn cardinals!:) cya...deb:)

  2. The first boy that was hanging around me his mom was just sitting on a bunch just watching our conversation. The other kids were from one other family and there parents were huddled at another bunch. I guess you can say I was the only one showing interest with my kids at the time. I was the only Dad there though until just before we left. Bill