Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's me Sally. Bill is having it bad with the side effects. It's worst then the last 2 times. We were told the side effect would get better so this was not expected. He didn't sleep well last night. Woke up with an upset stomach. He spent most of the day in bed. Right before we left to have the chemo pump remove he drank a cup of Carnation Instant Breakfast. He did feel better after the pump was removed and wanted pizza. We picked up a cheese pizza and a video on the way home. He ate pizza and watched "Bed Time Stories" with Zachary. Bill didn't eat much pizza and ended up getting sick after wards. He still isn't feeling very well. For those you have called Bill today, we told him. He didn't feel like talking to anyone but feels good to know people care about him. The kids are driving him nuts so I am going to make it short and get them ready for bed.

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  1. Praying you feel better today, Bill!

    Glad you got to watch some of that television special that I won't mention.