Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If I could be any animal I would be .......

If I could be any animal in the world, I would want to be a Three Toed Sloth. I think I would have it made. All I would do is hang around in trees all day without a care in the world. I think I would look kind of cool to. No other animal or human could make me move faster, I would look at you and laugh and say I am a three toed sloth you won't make me move faster. If I decided to go swimming I would be quite the swimmer. I wouldn't have to worry about my weight cause I would only weigh about ten pounds. All I would eat are the delicious vegetation that surrounds me .
I would only have to leave the tree once a week to go poopies. That is why I would want to be a Three Toed Sloth.

I also wanted to let those who are interested, there is a link on the upper right side for information about the benefit.

Today I feel very good. My pain in my arms and shoulders is a lot better today. I went and got my blood work done today( checking my blood count), getting ready for tomorrows chemo session.

Tonight's dinner was simple. We made panini sandwiches. Home made rosemary focaccia bread made only the way the great Italian Chefs would make it. Filled with thin slices of Monday's left over tender roast beef, with provolone cheese, grilled onions, mushrooms and yellow peppers from some farmers garden .Smothered in horseradish sauce and grilled til perfection. Served with deep fried salted ripple chips. The beverage of my choice was root beer with just the right amount of sassafras.


  1. Bill,
    The whole time I was reading your post about being a three-toed sloth, I kept hearing Jeff Engle (at work) saying, "I got two speeds, and if you don't like this one, you're surely not gonna' like the other one."

    Then I kept wondering if there are two-toed sloths or four-toed sloths? And if there is, do they move faster or slower than the three-toed?

    Talk to you later!


  2. Dan,
    There is actually a two toed sloth and it is faster then the three toed sloth.
    Anything else you would like to know about the three toed sloth?