Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new day.

Today is a better day for the most part for the family. I am still a little dizzy and queasy at times but, I'm not vomiting any more I did eat some soup for lunch. It was Select Harst by Campbells Maryland Style Crab. It wasn't bad ,I just don't know what happened to the crab! Zachary is better and also had some vegetable soup. We still didn't send him to school cause we wanted to make sure his fever was gone. Sally is better but,still not quite there yet.The same with Michael. We are all eating cautiously. There will not be a dinner menu today(no protest letters please) cause we are going to eat on our owns terms.

I just want to let everyone know, that is planning on going to the benefit, that there is a rash of counterfeiters reproducing Cubs tickets.I will have to look at the tickets first since I know what to look for. If they are good I will return the tickets to the raffle promptly. If not I will be forced to turn the tickets in to the proper authorities. Sorry for the inconvenience. I know this may cause the raffle ticket sales to go down drastically,but I am just trying to be a good ,no great citizen just doing my part in trying to stop this atrocity. No fear the Sox tickets will still be in the raffle. The authorities aren't worried about the Sox. I was told Even if there were counterfeit tickets for Sox games it would be overlooked, cause they need all the help they can get in filling there seats.

Yes, Dan is a good friend of mine, but yes he has faults. The main one yes he is a Sox fan. If you know Dan the way I do you will understand. First of all he works on the same machine I do, the Metalizer. This machine melts aluminum on polyester material. so for this machine to work properly all the air in it has to be pumped out so the aluminum as it melts goes on the material. This machine has to be kept very clean. Can't have any dirt or any other contaminants in or it can ruin the process. So once every week we have a p.m. ( preventative maintenance) on the machine. There is a area of the machine were the diffusion pumps are. It is in a very enclosed area. This is Dan's favorite area to clean. You have to be a small guy to go in this area.( Dan always has fight with the attendants at amusement parks too, This can be embarrassing to is wife) Dan will take the cleaner we use and go to town with it. Not a lot of air circulation in this area. So the fumes are effecting his judgement.( mainly his choices ) Throughout the week he is always with a cleaning bottle in his hands. I believe he may have a problem. Now Dan is cross training in Metalure Finishing. This is where after our rolls in the Metalizer are done they go here to be stripped of the Aluminum. Dan is working on one of the stripping machines and is dealing with alot of acetone solvent. There isn't alot of air circulation in this area, which means again more fumes and bad choices. No matter were he works in this area batchmaking or centrifuge cleaning he cannot escape the harmful fumes. He likes fast cars too. so you know there is a lot of exhaust fumes around them. The good thing is none of his cars are fast. He likes to drink those energy drinks too. We all know what harm they could cause to the brain cells.

This is something I wanted to share with everyone,cause I thought it was quite. The day I made the Capelini Pomodoro on tuesday ( no my cooking was not the cause of every ones illnesses) Zachary came in from playing so than I made him a plate of this toothsome meal. I was doing the dishes and Zachary was just looking at me. I kept washing the dishes. So an hour goes by (there were alot of dishes) he still didn't touch my delectable dish. I finally asked him why he isn't eating. He said because Daddy you have to help me say my prayers first.

I hope all you the best. Hope to see you all at the benefit on Saturday from 5-9pm at the Hammond FOP. God bless you all. One other thing I wanted to say is, if it weren't for my Wife Sally being with me during these trying times , I probably would curl up in a ball and feel sorry for myself. She is definitely my ROCK and the best wife this man could ask for. I love you Sweetheart.


  1. Hey, I'm not addicted to cleaning solvents, and the Camaro is fast!!!

    Vroom! Vroom!

    Looking forward to Saturday!

  2. Dan, please introduce yourself at the Benefit. My husband, Dave will be either selling raffle tickets or dinner tickets. I'll probably be hanging out by the food. I'd love to meet you. Bill tells me your quite a character.


  3. Will do.

    I will be the one with the adorable wife.

    I'm a lucky (blessed) man!

    And Bill is an expert on characters.

  4. heh, that's a good story about Zachary :)