Monday, March 23, 2009

Bill's taking a break from the blog today. He is resting right now. He woke up in the middle of the night with stomach cramping. It's coming and going and now he is vomiting. Kaity is vomiting and has diahria. She has the nastiest farts as well which is bringing Bill down to his knees. It's hard to believe such a pretty little girl can produce such horrible odors. Sorry, it may be to much information for some. Tonight Bill is skipping dinner. I made a huge pan of strawberry jello for him and Kaity.

Thanks for the support and the prayers. It is helping him get through this.


  1. Cool Cakes!

    I hope Bill and Kaity start feeling better.

    The pictures at the top of each blog really make all the difference! It adds such a personal touch to the words.

    Bill is so blessed to have such good family!

    Sleep well, my friends!

    You are always in my prayers!


  2. Hey Bill, Pastor Brian again. Just checking in to see how your doing, sorry your down today. Just so you know I am praying for you and your family. I agree with Dan, sounds like you have a good family and good friends around you.

    By the way whats that smell?

  3. I think the stinky farts come from Sally's side of the family.

  4. Ewwwwww!!!

    And can you please post a picture of a Mandolin?

    No one at work knows what that is...


    Thanks in advance.

  5. Dan -

    A quiz for you.

    A mandolin is:

    1. A type of bird
    2. An instrument descended from the lute family (what is a lute?)
    3. A 2 wheeled motorized vehicle
    4. A hand carved small round table
    5. None of the above
    6. All of the above

  6. Kaity is going to read this a few years down the line, or her school friends will stumble across it and she will be mortified lol

    Hope everyone is feeling better. I wish I could have been to the birthday party. Despite all the crazy hectic-ness of our family get togethers, I still miss it.