Monday, March 9, 2009

Today I feel great except for the pain in my shoulder that shoots down my arm. So Sally made an appointment for myself, cause it was driving me crazy. The Doctor gave me a different pain pill then the one I have . It seems to be working better. The one I had was for the surgery and didn't seem to help. He had me get x- rays, that came out normal. He also wants me to go to a Thyroid specialist to possibly have a bubble spot removed( It's the Specialist's choice). He believes it is nothing to worry about. It's a common issue with thyroids that most people get. While I was seeing the doctor, Sally took Kaity to see the urgent care doctor. She was up most of the night favoring her right ear. The doctor said she does have an ear infection. She got a couple of scripts and is back to being rambunctious after her first dose.

Today's menu consisted of the most succulent choice of beef roast cooked to perfection, accompanied by the sweetest of baby carrots from natures garden roasted til tender, with mashed potatoes made with the creamiest cream cheese , hand churned butter and sour cream added and the most golden buttery , flaky crescent rolls you have ever tasted( may have to edit this post later. Sally might burn the biscuits so they may not turn out golden brown).

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