Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I need to Vent!!!!

Today I called one of the doctors that I see periodically,because I gave his receptionist some forms that needed to be done for me to get disability. Well anyway I gave them the paper work on the 20th of Feb. Here it is March 4th and she said that they weren`t done yet. I did call on the 27th of Feb and the receptionist said they weren`t done ,but it was sitting on his desk with my chart. So when I called today day a different receptionist said that it still wasn`t done and I would have to make an appointment to have it done. Needless to say I had a fit. I told the nice lady that it would be two weeks on Friday that they had the paperwork and why if this was the reason they weren`t done nobody called me to inform me of this idiotic rule. ( I said this was very unprofessional) I also told her if I don`t get this done after a certain time frame I will get denied. She put me on hold for what seemed like an days. She came back after I grew a full beard and said she will make an appointment today with the doctor for me to get the forms done. I said that will be Ok except that he better not charge me to have the forms done since I most likely will have a co-payment now. To let everyone know this may be my last posting for a while,cause I may get arrested after I leave bite marks in the Doctors butt( not the exact wording I wanted to use). I will have another post later if I don`t get arrested.


  1. Sorry, to hear this Bill. I'm surprised they didn't realize how important the forms are. It's good you checked back with them. You tell them, that if they give you problems, they'll have to deal with me, that will scare them...and if you get arrested, I'll come bail you out.

  2. Bill. Glad that your are blogging. I am sure it will help. Hang in there. You have more prayers coming your way than you know! BTW...there is a movie night this Saturday at 6pm at St. James. Bernadette is the movie. All donations we get will be sent your way. Keep the faith!

    Joe Kern

  3. Bill, hopefully all the nasty red tape paperwork gets in order.

    I think this blog was a really good idea. You're a lucky man to have such a good family surrounding you.

    I noticed that on your profile you list that you like listening to music. I think that's one of the few subjects you and I have never discussed; what kind of music do you like? Best group and all of that.

    I'm not sure how to add to my profile and stuff. Been a long time since I joined a blog.

    Well, gotta' run...I have a column due for (48 hour deadline).

    May God bless!

    Dan Blankenship

  4. Hey, I am just one of Michael's friends. I hope that you are doing ok, even though I have never had the opportunity to meet you. You are an honorable man for fighting through this, and I wish you the best.

    -Mike Noojin Jr.

  5. Hey, Michael Scott Noojin Jr.,
    When I was in high school, I used to help coach a baseball team. One of the players was named Scott Noojin. Any relation to you? He would be around 36 to 40 years old now?

    Scott also rode my school bus in Dyer, Indiana.

    Just wondering.